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Jin is happy to have more fanboys!


As reports pouring in on twitter of Jin's fan events in Osaka and Tokyo on 8/22 and 8/23, many have cited the increasing numbers of fanboys seen in line and in the audience.  Fans have said the number of fanboys are about 10% of attendees.  Even Jin was surprised at the increasing number of fanboys.  He also said he was also surprised at his single Hey What's Up sold 115,000 copies in the first week and even the Jimusho was surprised too.  Here are some excerpts from fan reports when Jin greeted his fanboys:

In Osaka

Jin: (・゚∀゚)I'm very happy~ (I think Jin means he's happy to have male fans)
Male fan #1: Homo janai yo! (I'm not gay)
Jin: (・゚∀゚)It's alright! I'm not against it or anything, I also have friends who are gay.
Male fan #2: I love you!
Jin: (・゚∀゚)Sorry, but I'm not gay. (TN: LMAO this troll)]

In Tokyo

Jin: in Osaka, I can feel that a lot of fanboys came
Male fan: love u a lot!
Jin: glad to hear
that you loved me but I'm not gay. But what kind of love are you referring to?
Male fan: AS AN ARTIST!
Jin: I like that, I'm very happy! Thank you very much.

The fanboys also told Jin they want to learn English and study abroad like him

Fanboy: I saw you went to abroad so it makes me want to go there
Jin: I'm so glad that someone interested in English because of me
Fanboy: I also went to abroad too.
Jin: Eh? You did?
Fanboy: Yup, last year
Jin: That's good! for the type of people I'm interested in...
Jin:.. I like people and I like to talk to them too. Whenever I can speak, I try to speak more English with other people I meet.


More fanboys



Source & pics: facebook1, facebook2 &
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