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Big News For 48 family fans; New Stages annonced!!

New Team stages was been announced at the 2nd day of Tokyo Dome Concerts

AKB48 Team A New (and first) Theater Stage on Mar 14,2014
AKB48 Team K New (and first) Theater Stage on Jan 31,2014
AKB48 Team B New (and first) Theater Stage on Feb 28,2014

SKE48 Team S New (and first) Theater Stage on Dec 1,2013
SKE48 Team KII New (and first) Theater Stage on June 25,2014
SKE48 Team E New (and first) Theater Stage on May 28,2014

NMB48 Team N “Kokonidatte Tenshi ha Iru / Angels are here too” on Oct 26,2013
NMB48 Team M New (and first) Theater Stage on Apr 26,2014
NMB48 Team BII New (and first) Theater Stage on Aug 9,2014
HKT48 Team H New (and first) Theater Stage on Dec 22,2013

Here is the teaser

For those who doesn't know what Team Stages is;
Each show is performed by one of the three teams or by Team Kenkyuusei, a selection of kenkyuusei members. They perform a setlist that remains the same for several months before moving on to a new setlist. T

The opening date of a stage is called shonichi, and the closing date is called senshuuraku.

All stages start out with the overture, a track that plays at several of AKB's performances that basically serves to get the crowd pumped up. In stages A6, K6, and B5, the performances also started out with a song by Zenza Girls, a group of one to four featured kenkyuusei members.

After the overture, the full team comes out on stage and perform three or four full-group songs. Then is the first MC, when each member introduces herself and chats a bit.

After the MC are the unit songs, in which the teams are further broken down into smaller segments of one to six members. The unit songs usually showcase whatever member is the "center" of that unit, who is one of the more popular members of the team. There are usually five unit songs, then the team reconvenes for another MC and more group songs.

There is always an encore at the end of the stage, with more group songs, peformances of recent singles, and announcements. If it is a member's birthday performance, they will bring her a cake, sing for her, and have a letter read to them by another teammate. Then the team takes the final bow together.

Stage songs are said to be the secret weapon of the 48 family in the music industry as each songs has different genres like ballad, rock, pop, punk etc and it is being performed by full team or an individual members giving chances to non popular members to be exposed to fans.

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