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5:30 pm - 08/24/2013

Morning Musume 12th Gen Auditions Finished, No Winners Announced

Tsunku declares today that there are no qualified candidates for the 12th gen audition “Mirai Shoujo”. Based on the theme and name “Mirai Shoujo” (girl of the future) Tsunku was looking for a super star to add to the group. However, the performance level of Morning Musume is so high right now that he does not feel it would be appropriate to add anyone into the group at this time. Tsunku also will not be adding anyone from H!P kenshuusei at this time. He does not feel comfortable inserting a new girl into this current lineup. However, that does not mean that the talent and skill level of this group of girls were low. To the contrary, Tsunku feels that he saw many girls who were able to shine throughout the audition. He believes they have plenty of talent, but it just quite isn’t enough to join the group.

He adds that had these girls auditioned at the same time as the 9th gen audition, he would have let them in the group. He feels there are a lot of girls with potential. He does not mean any disrespect toward 9th gen with this statement. He states that since 9th gen joined, they have improved to the point where the current Morning Musume is at the highest level of skill in all of MM history.

Tsunku believes that the potential candidates from this past audition are like raw diamond ores. He is very excited to see what will come of proper refinement. As such, he has invited all of the girls he saw potential in to join H!P kenshuusei to gain more experience. He hopes to unveil them when the proper timing comes along.

In regards to 12th gen audition, he plans to hold another audition again. Essentially re-do 12th gen audition, it will not be considered 13th gen. He also states that he has a lot of things on his mind for the future of H!P – including a new group which could potentially be filled with the girls from this audition. Tsunku has a very positive outlook on everything and hopes you guys will look forward to whats coming next.

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and to think we just got a teaser the day before

mamoswine1 25th-Aug-2013 03:42 am (UTC)
my big brother left the Momosu fandom when they enter the Platinum era TBH I can say the current line up of all H!P now sucks it means not only with the girls but with gimmicks, appeal, shows, music and promotions
sundaetea 25th-Aug-2013 05:31 am (UTC)
What? Are you serious? How does the current line up of H!P suck? This makes me totally confused as I think C-ute, MM, Smileage, & Juice=Juice have really been on their A game with their new releases.

mamoswine1 25th-Aug-2013 06:11 am (UTC)
read carefully; appeal,shows,music, promotion remember they were idols so they were not just selling music
sundaetea 25th-Aug-2013 08:13 am (UTC)
Yes they are idols and are not just selling music, but selling their music has a lot to do with how successful they are. If AKB were not selling millions of copies of their singles, they wouldn't be noticed by the public.

Plus the things you listed, shows, promotion, and music have to do with selling their music. No tv show appearances = no promotion = not a lot of music sold. Also MM currently has had their best round of promotions since having the new kids around.
mamoswine1 26th-Aug-2013 12:12 am (UTC)
Then lets make it this short; If they can make a good variety show like their Morning Coffee or Utaban they can gain good popularity unlike their boring shows today were Girls will just nod about grandmas cooking seaweeds and let their management release their inner inside. AKB and its sister group gain its popularity because of that kind of tactics but I doubt they will do that :P they still using the Grandpa's idol formula
sundaetea 26th-Aug-2013 12:41 am (UTC)
The girls don't have any current tv where is the show where the girls nod about grandmas cooking seaweeds?

chibix3 26th-Aug-2013 07:10 am (UTC)
probably referring to satoyama life. i feel that the girls do have personalities and a lot of us can see through blogs, dvd magazines, and other footage from satoyama life as well ass hello station, but because these aren't on many mainstream tv channels or anything, casual fans can't really see that
sundaetea 26th-Aug-2013 07:58 pm (UTC)
Ah! Thanks for the clarification, I thought it was Satoyama life but that's not on tv so I wasn't too sure.
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