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5:30 pm - 08/24/2013

Morning Musume 12th Gen Auditions Finished, No Winners Announced

Tsunku declares today that there are no qualified candidates for the 12th gen audition “Mirai Shoujo”. Based on the theme and name “Mirai Shoujo” (girl of the future) Tsunku was looking for a super star to add to the group. However, the performance level of Morning Musume is so high right now that he does not feel it would be appropriate to add anyone into the group at this time. Tsunku also will not be adding anyone from H!P kenshuusei at this time. He does not feel comfortable inserting a new girl into this current lineup. However, that does not mean that the talent and skill level of this group of girls were low. To the contrary, Tsunku feels that he saw many girls who were able to shine throughout the audition. He believes they have plenty of talent, but it just quite isn’t enough to join the group.

He adds that had these girls auditioned at the same time as the 9th gen audition, he would have let them in the group. He feels there are a lot of girls with potential. He does not mean any disrespect toward 9th gen with this statement. He states that since 9th gen joined, they have improved to the point where the current Morning Musume is at the highest level of skill in all of MM history.

Tsunku believes that the potential candidates from this past audition are like raw diamond ores. He is very excited to see what will come of proper refinement. As such, he has invited all of the girls he saw potential in to join H!P kenshuusei to gain more experience. He hopes to unveil them when the proper timing comes along.

In regards to 12th gen audition, he plans to hold another audition again. Essentially re-do 12th gen audition, it will not be considered 13th gen. He also states that he has a lot of things on his mind for the future of H!P – including a new group which could potentially be filled with the girls from this audition. Tsunku has a very positive outlook on everything and hopes you guys will look forward to whats coming next.

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and to think we just got a teaser the day before

xcandy_sweetx 28th-Aug-2013 04:02 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as mad or rude... But you made a comment at the top of the page where you said all of H!P sucks, including appeal,shows, music, and promotion. To me, that is bashing.

I only mentioned AKB48 because I know for a fact that your a fan. I was trying to get you to see that I don't bash AKB, even though I'm an H!P fan.

You're completely right when you say that H!P has a bad reputation for bashing AKB48! However, I have seen just as many AKB48 fans bash H!P, so I guess it goes both ways?
mamoswine1 28th-Aug-2013 10:57 pm (UTC)
ah I see what I mean there is the H!P management, you know how they sucks in managing the girls since from the beginning from giving them cheap PV to restricting the girls what to do in variety shows like what Reina Tanaka was saying with her band I think you will get what I mean.
xcandy_sweetx 28th-Aug-2013 11:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, now I understand. I agree that H!P management restricts the girls too much, and the PV's are cheap. But it's getting better. C-ute, Morning Musume, and Juice=Juice have better quality PV's since they started to get popular.
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