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Charges on GACKT's alleged rape case dropped as he is deemed innocent

GACKT was found innocent after the police have finished their investigations following allegations made by a woman in her 20s of rape and indecent assault .
The Metropolitan Police Department submitted documents to the the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office stating that GACKT is "not guilty", and will not be prosecuted on this event.

According to police reports, the woman claimed that GACKT got her drunk in September of 2011, forced her to get in a car and committed obscene acts on her. GACKT then took her to his house and made violent advances towards her.

Aside from gathering the testimonies of both parties, police investigators went to the restaurant the two visited. While finding out that GACKT and the woman indeed had dinner, and headed to his house afterwards, they concluded that there was no "objective evidence" that GACKT did commit such acts in the car and in his house.

The woman only decided to officially press charges on GACKT in April this year. Upon investigation, the police sent a report to the Prosecutor's Office in late June of this year, indicating that GACKT is not guilty.

This case was made public in May of this year after a weekly tabloid published an article based on the allegations made by the woman. GACKT answered to this, claiming that he did invite the woman to his house, but did not commit any kind of violence on her.

GACKT's agency responded to inquiries made by Sankei Newspaper and comments: "He was bothered by this, but he now feels relieved. His lawyers will be taking over the rest, and GACKT will not be commenting any further on the matter".


Don't read the comments at the source, they're disgusting
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