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9:30 am - 08/25/2013

Details surface about the man Keiko Fuji was living with

Journalists gathered at Meguro-ku's Himonya mortuary where Keiko Fuji's body rests two days after the singer committed suicide [sic] by jumping off a high-rise apartment in Nishi Shinjuku on the 24th.

Around 50 members of the press were at the venue, but Hikaru Utada still had not shown herself yet. She is thought to be currently in New York, USA.

At 2 pm, a staff member of Himonya explains: "There was no development today. Her family? No one from her family came today". The gates of the funeral hall closed at 5 in the afternoon as the place went silent. Fuji's body is currently being preserved frozen as they wait for Hikaru's return to Japan. The body will be cremated afterwards.

Details surfaced this day concerning her acquaintance, a man in his 30s whom she had been living with in the said apartment for the past 6 years.

A woman in her 70s who resides nearby says: "They were not romantically involved. She was already old enough to be his mother after all. He was looking after Fuji-san in the unit".

Fuji trusted the man, who was also her former manager, as if he was part of her family. There are also reports that her ex-husband Teruzane Utada was the one who asked this man to take care of Fuji. The man himself was shocked, and testified to the police that: "We're not romantically involved. We stayed in separate bedrooms".

Fans flocked to the side of the rail guard underneath Fuji's apartment to offer flowers, beer, and Japanese wine as a makeshift altar was made. According to nearby residents, fans came to visit as early as the 22nd when news of her death broke out. A man in his 30s who came all the way from Niigata prefecture on this day to pay his respects said, "Both my parents were huge fans of hers. I was unable to contain myself so I came here".

Source: sanspo & majide2ch

At Himonya
bleed_peroxide 25th-Aug-2013 10:48 pm (UTC)
Oh my god.

My heart goes out to the Utada family. Suicide is an awful thing for a family to go through, and heaven knows the questions that it creates can be excruciating. Survivor's guilt is a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
kawaii_beela 26th-Aug-2013 03:05 pm (UTC)
this is so sad =( RIP FUJI KEIKO-SAN <3

i dont wanna stir things up but did they confirm 100% its a suicide? or is there any possibility that that man she was staying with pushed her or something? D:
sawsan88 26th-Aug-2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
Oh god ~ It's horrible enough that she possibly committed suicide but now they're implying it's a murder?!!

My heart goes to Utada and her family<3
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