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JKT48 Member Melody’s Inauguration as Okayama’s Fruit Ambassador

Melody’s Inauguration as Okayama’s Fruit Ambassador

Today, August 26th, Okayama prefecture appointed JKT48 (sister group of AKB48 which based in Jakarta, Indonesia) member Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (21) as “Okayama Fruit Taishi (Okayama Fruit Ambassador)” to market their specialty fruit to overseas.

The inauguration ceremony was held at the prefectural office. Agriculture manager, Mr. Kazuo Sato handed her the letter of appointment and Tasuki (Sash). “I have an interest in Japanese advanced agriculture before and I want to introduce the good points of Okayama’s fruits to Indonesia,” said Melody.

Okayama prefecture, in an effort to increase their presence in Indonesia, asked Melody to take her new role as an ambassador whom also studies agriculture technology at local (Indonesia) university. From 26th to 28th (3 days), she will experiences the harvesting of peach and grapes at an undisclosed farmhouse in Okayama. While in September, she will become the spokesperson for Okayama’s fruits in Jakarta.

Source: 1, Sanspo via JKT48Stuff

Melody is a smart student. Please introduce Indonesian Fruit to Japanese too,and good luck!!!
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