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Live action Lupin III, who should play Fujiko Mine!?

(Partial Translation)
The production for the live action adaptation of Lupin III is at a standstill as they could not decide who to cast as Fujiko Mine.

Shun Oguri has been decided to play the role of Lupin, and Erika Sawajiri was originally touted to play Fujiko, but she turned down the role. Their next option was Riisa Naka, who had experience in sexy roles, but they had to go back to the drawing board because of her shotgun marriage with Akiyoshi Nakao. The producers are currently in the hunt for a popular actress who can also play mature roles, but they seem to be having trouble. Norika Fujiwara, Kyoko Fukada, and Masami Nagasawa's names have also been brought up, but they are yet to come up with a final decision.

Norika Fujiwara's just too old

>> If she was only a bit younger

SatoEri, please

>> Indeed!

Lupin III Nenriki Chinsakusen's totally being treated as if it didn't exist, huh www

> Lupin = Shun Oguri

Things are already finished at that point, so just let Gouriki play the role

Cut out these live action adaptations already...
Don't think that everything should have a live action version.

Fuka-kyon, please

>> I think her personality fits the role, but her tits don't live up to the part

What about the world's most beautiful woman, Eiko Koike-san?

Mitsu Dan

>> She might be the choice if we're going with the times, but someone who has more mass should be playing Mine

Yumi Kazama would be my choice

If you choose based on age and boob size, then shouldn't it be along the lines of Haruka Ayase?

>> Her boobs pass but honestly, her face looks a bit too much like a country bumpkin's

Mikie Hara

>> Yeah, she can also do action scenes. She'd be good.

Necessary Requirements: Tall, curvy, bombastic

But Fujiko looks like a white person no matter how you look at her.
Of course it would look weird if a Japanese plays the part.

>> Her body looks like that of a Westerner, but her face looks like a beauty from the yesteryear. The person whol will play Fujiko shouldn't just look like her, she should also be a good speaker.

I thought I saw a thread before saying that they've decided on Masami Nagasawa. So that isn't final yet?

Naoko Iijima a few years ago would have been perfect though

Kurara Chibana

>> Oh, not bad

Ahhhh------ I forgot-------
There's Chinami Suzuki!!
She doesn't have any track record yet, but she'd be a good fit.
Why not go with her already?

Sumire (Junichi Ishida's daughter) is tall, but she's got a small chest and I don't know if she can even speak Nihongo properly...

Mikie Hara would be a good choice.
Isn't she popular enough?

>> Yeah, that would be her weak point w
But if she becomes popular by playing Fujiko, then everyone would become happy.

Yuko Aoki of a few years ago would be nice, though ( ・ω・)y─┛~~

Yumiko Shaku during her peak would have been great

* Meisa Kuroki
* Keiko Kitagawa
These would be the safest choices. But I don't think they'll be able to get high ratings with this.

* Emi Takei
It would probably get decent ratings but all the haters will make noise.

* Erika Sawajiri
Everything about it will be like a festival -- in many different senses -- and would also get ratings

Mio Takaba-chan is my recommendation

Face-wise, Meisa Kuroki would be great, but her body is lacking. Even if you put pads on her chest and butt areas, she still lacks the height.

Let Maki Goto do it

>> Hm, that's not a bad idea

If Oguri's Lupin, then let Yu Yamada play Fujiko

If you're talking about boobs, don't forget Kazue Fukiishi

To think that Norika would have definitely been the only choice 15 years ago

Sources: http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/08/live-action-lupin-iii-who-should-play.html#more
Tags: anime/animation, erika sawajiri, japanese netizens, movie, oguri shun

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