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KENSHIN GACKT returns to Joetsu: photos and videos

Last weekend a crowd of 200.000+ flocked to Joetsu in Niigata to celebrate the 88th annual Kenshin Festival, where GACKT once again took on his iconic guise of the famous Warring States Era warlord Uesugi Kenshin.

Astride a white horse that has mastered the art of photobombing, GACKT/Oyakatasama regally led a procession of 400 volunteers on the departure to the front and the ensuing battle with rival warlord Takeda Shingen.

 photo 901538_original_zpsbfd4fe73.jpg

 photo 881100_original_zps2fbb3b83.jpg

 photo 899213_original_zpsd0cf8ddb.jpg

 photo 899064_original_zps88975c2d.jpg

 photo 897962_original_zps8e72888a.jpg

 photo 898063_original_zps5e8bf766.jpg

 photo 897300_original_zps54e31e6a.jpg

 photo 895507_original_zps59c0a87f.jpg

 photo 895795_original_zpse38ce542.jpg

 photo 886174_original_zps835c32e1.jpg

 photo 882686_original_zps264cda98.jpg

 photo 882224_original_zpsdc8651ce.jpg

 photo 878804_original_zps48fa6c42.jpg

 photo 881938_original_zpsf9bfd3fa.jpg

 photo Kenshin-Festival-2013-71_zpse04bf6d2.jpeg

 photo Kenshin-Festival-2013-44_zps7202ce83.png

 photo Kenshin-Festival-2013-43_zps0aeddcba.png

 photo 900010_original_zps335e0e5a.jpg

 photo 802994255_zpscacd1cfe.jpg

Joetsu Times
More photos + sources at OGYD
Tags: fierce and flawless, gackt, japanese culture

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