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6:42 pm - 08/26/2013

Utada Hikaru and Utada Teruzane comment on Fuji Keiko's death

^Most recent picture I could find of her with her father. This was around 2009, I think.

Utada Hikaru's website has been updated with comments from herself and her father/manager, Teruzane. A forum member (source) translated the comments:


On the morning of the 22nd August, my mother took her own life.

There appear to be a lot of speculations floating around, so please allow me to write a few words here.

For a very long period of time, she was tormented by mental illness. Because of its nature, it was extremely difficult for her to receive any treatment that would require her consent, and we were perpetually troubled over what we should do about it as a family, and what the best option would be for her.

Since I was young, I have been witness to the progression of my mother's illness. With the worsening of her symptoms, her distrust of people, including her family members, only increased further, with the line between reality and her delusions getting blurred, and she came to lose control over her own behaviour. I was subjected to her emotions and actions all the time, and there was nothing I could do about it.

While I hope that she is now freed from her constant suffering, her very last deed was one that was overwhelmingly tragic, and stirs up only feelings of regret within me.

Even though she was a woman who was frequently misunderstood by others...... even though she was always very timid, she was also very strong-willed, with a strong sense of justice, always enjoyed having a good laugh, had a quick brain, was as impulsive as a child, was scatterbrained and could not be left to her own devices, and was an adorable person, more so than anyone else. Despite there being many sad memories, when I think of my mother, the image that surfaces in my heart is one of her smiling.

I am proud to be the daughter of my mother, and am full of gratitude for having been able to meet her.

I have received lots of warm, supportive words, and am reminded that I am being supported by very many people. Thank you all very much.

26th August, 2013

Utada Hikaru


An update, and words of thanks

With regards to the late Utada Junko's suicide, I would like to sincerely apologise, both as representative of the agency to which she belonged to and as her former husband of 25 years, for all the trouble and inconvenience this incident has brought about to all those concerned in the various industries, to the fans of Fuji Keiko, and to the fans of Utada Hikaru. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes sent to both Utada Hikaru and myself.

As per the wishes of the deceased as expressed in her will, both an all-night vigil and a funeral were not carried out. (Translator's notes: Seems like there will only be a cremation.)

Ever since I met her, I recognised that there was some degree of emotional instability within her, but instead of seeing it as a mental illness, I simply came to terms with it by viewing her as a uniquely "whimsical" person, and perceived it as something I could deal with adequately enough.

It was when Utada Hikaru was around 5 that these emotional changes started becoming more noticeable. She would launch aggressive words and actions towards my mother, the late Takeyama Sumiko, and even Hikaru and myself soon became the targets of her attacks. However, her emotional changes were frequent, and days where she'd go, "Sorry, I've caused trouble again", and reflect on her actions a few minutes after her outbursts continued on for a long period of time. When her suffering became more frequent, she was advised on numerous occasions after being examined at hospitals to undergo appropriate treatments, but this advice instead caused her to develop feelings of mistrust towards me. In the end, I believe that her suffering became a lot graver as the years went by and she continuously refused treatment.

In these twelve years, she lived life as she pleased, going on vacations and trips when they came to her. She got an American visa that allowed her to stay in the country for a maximum of five years upon entry, and made New York her base, frequently travelling to the European countries, various parts of America, and Australia as and when she felt like it.

While living such a lifestyle, she would call Hikaru and myself regardless of the time of day and without any prior notification; while there were times where she'd ask "How're you doing?" and the conversation would continue on normally, there were also times where she'd yell at us for no apparent reason, and we were very worried about her, her mental condition speaking to us very plainly through her words.

The last time I spoke with Junko was on the 14th August this year. It was her who called me. This time, it was one of the few occasions where Junko's voice had a cheerful tone and she sounded energetic. It lasted eight minutes, including some small talk, and accepting a few requests from her, I hung up the phone. And eight days later, she committed suicide.

It is impossible to know whether Junko made an active decision to take the leap, or whether it was an act of impulse. All I can say is that I am filled to the brim with regret for having been unable to help her in her situation, and with sadness for having lost someone dear to me.

I would like to thank everyone who has watched over Utada Junko and Fuji Keiko with all their love on behalf of her. Thank you all very much.

The time I spent with Junko is firmly engraved into my memory, and will never fade away.

26th August, 2013

Utada Teruzane
Source: Hikki's Site
Translation Source: link

^^^Only pictures I could find of them together.
baka_neko3 27th-Aug-2013 12:25 am (UTC)
living with someone unstable is not an easy thing... because we don't share the same wavelength, we can never tell what they'll do next... even though her suicide is a shock, but it is not that shocking, you know... my aunt, her family forced her to get medical treatment, even then she didn't take her meds all the time so the best thing is to have someone to always watch over her just to make sure she didn't hurt herself...
glider 27th-Aug-2013 12:53 am (UTC)
At least she's no longer suffering and it sounds like they're both at peace with it. :(
ungalad 27th-Aug-2013 12:59 am (UTC)
This is incredibly sad. :(
baby_angel191 27th-Aug-2013 01:43 am (UTC)
Stay Strong~ My prayers go out to you Hikaru and your family. May you rest in peace Fuji Keiko <3
falling_cookie 27th-Aug-2013 02:05 am (UTC)
that's so sad. I couldn't understand the regret that they feel even though there is nothing they could have done.
jumelles_mach6 27th-Aug-2013 03:26 am (UTC)
That is so sad and I'm really surprised by how detailed the statements are. I hope the best for these two during his tragic time. My heart truly goes out to utada. It must be so horrible for her right now and I hate that she has to deal with regret when really none of it was her fault. What can you do for a person who is not willing to receive help?
tilmon 27th-Aug-2013 04:11 am (UTC)
They both wrote so beautifully about Utada Junko, with so much understanding! I hope that their frank but loving admission that she refused to accept treatment might pierce the paranoia that someone else with mental illness might be having, and allow them to accept help.

Edited at 2013-08-27 04:13 am (UTC)
katzsong 27th-Aug-2013 06:52 am (UTC)
Sounds like bipolar to me. It must have been hard for all of them, especially when the late Keiko Fuji refused medication/therapy. At least now, she's in peace.
Again, my condolences for Utada Hikaru and Teruzane :(

Edited at 2013-08-27 07:03 am (UTC)
aaalove 27th-Aug-2013 11:32 am (UTC)
This is why there needs to be so much more mental illness awareness, because without her consent she could not be helped...and she needed it, there could have been something done if there was just more out there to help them get the treatment they need!

This is so sad though, to lose a mother and wife like that even if they are divorced..and to watch her go through that, ah can't even imagine it.
lolufailhard 27th-Aug-2013 06:10 pm (UTC)
extremely saddening...... my heart goes out to them.....
kushina 28th-Aug-2013 07:24 am (UTC)
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