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Toshiya Miyata's (Kis-My-Ft2) pictures in a motel and voice recording leaked by a Tamamori-wota

"It might be weird for me to say this even if I'm the one who leaked the pictures, but Miyata-kun was very cautious with his surroundings; we didn't exit the karaoke nor the hotel together so that no tabloid will write about him."

Miyata's voice

What the heck is this

Err, who is Kis-My's Miyata?

The girl looks cute

Wow. What are the Kis-My wotas' reactions?

Even if he's from Johnny's, he's still underage so this will spell trouble.
So I'm choosing to ignore this.

Here you go

19 years old? Well...

That's so terrifying.
That means they can't do it with anyone except for a girl that they trust?

She looks cute

Can something like this be brushed aside?

Why don't they just have a tie-up with AKB so both sides can deal with their sexual desires together

There's a Jani she likes right? Why did she sleep with another Jani?

Nice meal there (´・ω・`)

I didn't realize Kis-My had a 29y/o member w
Is that guy like in the Joshima position?

>> That guy's the main vocalist. He was extremely popular prior to their debut. But now it feels like he's sort of being shoved away from the limelight as the younger ones are being put forward a bit more.

He's just treated like Tamamori's "etc.", right?
I can't believe how he got it on with a Tamamori-wota.
And to be exposed on top of that? This is so tragic.

>> It seemed like she approached him, acting like she wasn't a wota

She probably hid the fact that she's a wota. It's just a purikura on her profile picture so we don't know if it really is her, but a guy would normally go for it especially if a young, above-average looking girl would approach him, right? Well, I don't really know since all these Jani-wota pictures that are being posted are of all these monstrous grannies.

>> No, they're mostly young girls.
The grannies are fans of the 90s Johnny's talents.

>> There are a lot of gaudy women who even work "night jobs" that make up Kis-My's fans.
The granny-wotas are the fans of groups like SMAP, TakiTsuba, and V6.

Do the Jani-wotas know about this?
>> They do, but the guy isn't that popular so it's not turning into a festival

This hotel is one of the expensive ones, and that's pretty luxurious for a youngster who's in his 20s.
Johnny's sure have it good.

What's the objective of this girl?
Did she want to lower this guy's popularity so her main guy's popularity will go up?
But guys wouldn't like dating a girl who's like a hand-me-down of another man.

>> She was probably dumped by him

jgjgjgjgjgs: We played anime songs through Miyata's phone while we were eating, then he suddenly said: "Me? I'm actually a talent you know... (cocky)". When I acted like I didn't know... "Do you know Johnny's? I'm a member of Kis-My, you know (cocky)"... "Eh! You're from Johnny's?..."
>> Now this is embarrassing wwwwwwwww
>> This is seriously embarrassing w
>> Aww that's cute, at least he knows that he isn't that popular.

She probably thought that she could get connected to Tamamori so she does it with Miyata.
→But she was just toyed with and dumped.
→Then she got irritated and exposed him.
This might be how it went.


This is probably her way of taking revenge after getting dumped.
The Jani-grannies will probably be setting her in their sights now, will she be alright?

>> She'd be in danger if Kis-My were to take collective responsibility for this. But if Miyata's the only one to be punished then I don't think anything will be done to her.

Even Ohno-kun went unpunished.
Something like this is nothing.

This Miyata guy is like in the bottom 3 of the back row, right?

These Johnny's guys always have their pictures taken
>> The woman just took his picture while he was sleeping though

Kis-My's this group that's popular for having ugly members, so much so that they're called "Busumuai" by other wotas, right?
People say that Tamamori's the only one who has good facial features; another one is an ikemen by atmosphere, while the rest are just plain ugly, right?

>> Well, their main program is called Kisumai BUSAIKU after all (wry smile).
But you know, I watch that program every now and then, and the stuff they do there are pretty fresh, it's actually interesting.

It seems these Johnny's guys have a lot of these bed and love making pictures out.
That is what people are after in the first place after all.

It's the leftmost guy, right?
He actually looks considerably like an ikemen among this group.

>> Undersized yet stocky.
Wow, they don't even have that "cuteness" that Arashi has.

>> My tummy hurts so much at how that 2nd chibi-busa(squirt-ugly) guy from the left is acting like an ikemen w
He's even doing a peace sign wwwwwwwww

I looked at the Jani-wotas reactions on Twitter.
They're just going like, "That Miyata?", and making fun of it.

LOL @ how ugly the 4 guys on the right are
>> Won't the guy on the right look more decent if he just changes his hairstyle? Balance-wise.

Even the voice was recorded? Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

How are they different from Sexy Zone?

>> Kis-My is a gathering of veterans (same generation as NEWS and KAT-TUN) who have been Juniors for a long time.
Sexy Zone are guys who have almost no experience, and is just a gathering of Johnny-san's favorites.

>> Sexy Zone: Ikemen
Busumai: Busumen

Things like this will happen if you deal with commoners.
The safest way is to date popular actresses.

>> But popular actresses won't even give him any consideration

The creepiest and least popular member

This guy is done for.
Well, he was originally done for from the start.

But that Kitayama guy has a lot of pictures with different women like Meisa, right?

Isn't this the bigger problem?

Man-whore Johnny's pictures that won't even be reported on TV

Doesn't he have the perseverance to at least settle with his right hand first until he becomes famous?
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