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9:35 pm - 08/28/2013

Paparazzi hound Utada Hikaru as she arrives in Japan

I saw this today and it's just terrible. Let her mourn in peace. The video is especially heartbreaking.



Source: and

Through Google Translate, I think that the second link mentions that they were surrounded by around 40 reporters :(
apple_fries 29th-Aug-2013 11:18 pm (UTC)
i am most certainly NOT okay after seeing these photos! aramatheydidn't used to be a community of fun and lightheartedness but seeing utada hikaru hounded by paparazzos near tears in a hearse carrying her mother's corpse is NOT something i ever wanted to see here and the OP pretending to be sympathetic and saying it's 'terrible and heartbreaking'' deciding to share it for God knows what reason? it's all very transparent and i know arama is becoming very inactive but i did not think they were this desperate for hits.
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