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1:39 pm - 08/29/2013

Namie Amuro Collaborates With Vogue And Gucci For Special Project Single, “Ballerina”

Fresh from the chart-topping success of her latest Platinum album, Feel, Namie Amuro has joined forces with Vogue Japan and Gucci for a special fashion-meets-music collaborative project.

Check out the official press release, below:

We are excited to announce the special GUCCI x VOGUE JAPAN x Namie Amuro collaborative project.

There will be a special GUCCI x VOGUE JAPAN x Namie Amuro collaborative event at the “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT” shopping event at GUCCI Aoyama on September 7th (Sat) which is being hosted by “VOGUE JAPAN”!!

In addition, Amuro-chan will appear in the October issue of “VOGUE JAPAN”, which goes on sale today, wearing the newly announced 2013-14 women’s fall winter collection from GUCCI.

Starting today, you will be able to watch a different SPECIAL MOVIE on each of the official sites which will have scenes from this special collaborative project.

Namie also posted a remix of Ballerina on her Facebook page:

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She looks amazing!  Whyyyyyyy wasn't this on FEEL? ;_;
kotetsu 30th-Aug-2013 01:25 am (UTC)
Ohhh it samples Wolfgang Gartner! I like how it incorporated it pretty ok to the lyrics,

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