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4:04 pm - 08/29/2013

Sakai Noriko takes on the lead role in new movie "Utsusemi no Mori"

Sakai Noriko will be taking on the lead role in the new movie "Utsusemi no Mori" which is due to be shown in cinemas next year. This is Sakai's first movie appearance since she last appeared in the 2008 movie "Shinri" and was sentenced for her stimulants consumption violation in 2009. Filming was wrapped up at the end of July.

The movie features Sakai as a married woman who disappears one morning but suddenly returns home after a long time. However, her husband (Saito Ayumu) claims that his wife is someone else and the story unfolds to reveal the tragic past of this couple. Co-stars include Kanayama Kazuhiko and Emoto Akira.

Source: Sanspo, doramaworld
milkyribon 31st-Aug-2013 03:54 am (UTC)
Nori-P!!! I'm so happy! I'll be looking foward to this.
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