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PERFUME -1mm MV (Short Ver.),「LEVEL3」track lengths, and Chocola BB Sweepstakes

1mm MV (Short Ver.)

LEVEL3 Tracklengths

01. Enter the Sphere [3:35]
02. Spring of Life (Album-mix) [TBA]
03. Magic of Love (Album-mix) [TBA]
04. Clockwork [4:32]
05. 1mm [4:17]
06. 未来のミュージアム (Mirai no Museum) [3:21]
07. Party Maker [7:20]
08. ふりかえるといるよ (Furikaeru to iru yo) [6:15]
09. ポイント (Point) [3:46]
10. だいじょばない (Daijobanai) [3:03]
11. Handy Man [4:05]
12. Sleeping Beauty [4:52]
13. Spending all my time (Album-mix) [TBA]
14. Dream Land [5:16]


Eisai's Chocola BB and Perfume are to Launch a New Campaign!

Under these marketing promotions, named Chocola BB x Perfume: Kagayaku Anata wo Ouen! Campaign ('Supporting a Brighter You! Campaign'), those lucky enough to be residing in Japan between September 9 to December 27 can try their chances at winning lottery prizes! Eisai have the following items on offer:

★ First Round, A-Prize: 50 pairs of tickets to Perfume's upcoming Two Big Dome Lives at either Kyocera Dome Osaka or Tokyo Dome
★ First Round, B-Prize: 350 high quality headphones
☞ [Applications: From 1000 JST, September 20 2013 to 2359 JST, November 3 2013]

▲Second Round, A-Prize: 100 premium design suitcases
▲Second Round, B-Prize: 500 prize packs containing popular beauty facial treatment products
☞ [Applications: From 0000 JST, November 4 2013 to 2359 JST, December 27 2013]

To enter participants must purchase a minimum of 1000 Yen worth of eligible products in store, then retain the receipt for further instructions regarding submission, but it will require uploading a photograph of your receipt. Please be aware rules concerning what products are eligible are strict:

01: Purchases made via mail order and the internet are excluded from entries;
02: To be eligible, only products from this page will be counted.

Also note one can enter multiple times. For instance if one had a receipt (obtained within the aforementioned period, of course) totalling a minimum of 2000 Yen, then they may enter twice. Good luck!

Preorder Here

⊿ [Limited Edition] (+DVD) ¥ 3,900 (tax inc.): CDJapan, YESASIA, Amazon JP, HMV JP
⊿ [Regular Edition] (CD) ¥ 3,059 (tax inc.): CDJapan, YESASIA, Amazon JP, HMV JP

Source: http://lovetheperfume.tumblr.com
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