9 lives like a kitty cat (juweel) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
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Ready for Morning Musume to butcher their classic songs?

Morning Musume will be releasing a best album titled The Best! ~Updated Morning Musume。~ on September 25th. It contains remakes of their classic hits and a couple of recent songs which have also been "updated". Below is a snippet of the new version of Renai Revolution 21


cd only

1. LOVE Machine (updated) (LOVEマシーン)
2. I WISH (updated) (Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Sato Masaki, Kudo Haruka, Oda Sakura)
3. Ren'ai Revolution 21 (updated) (恋愛レボリューション21)
4. The☆Pea~ce! (updated) (ザ☆ピ~ス!)
5. Souda! We're ALIVE (updated) (そうだ! We're ALIVE)
6. THE Manpower!!! (updated) (THE マンパワー!!!)
7. Aruiteru (updated) (歩いてる) (Michishige Sayumi solo)
8. Ren'ai Hunter (updated) (恋愛ハンター)
9. One・Two・Three (updated)
10. Wakuteka Take a chance (updated) (ワクテカ Take a chance)
11. Help me!! (updated)
12. Brainstorming (updated) (ブレインストーミング)
13. Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai (updated) (君さえ居れば何も要らない)
14. Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke (わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク)
15. Wolf Boy (ウルフボーイ) *New song*

DVD tracklist TBA

source 1
source 2

this is literally an act of TERRORISM!! i've already reported the girls and tsunku to my local authorities, i suggest y'all do the same
Tags: morning musume, well well well

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