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Morning Musume's new single tops Oricon weekly chart

Idol group Morning Musume's 54th single "Wagamama Ki no mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan" (released on August 28) sold 144,000 copies during the first week, taking the No.1 spot on Oricon's weekly single ranking.
This marks their 3rd consecutive chart topping singles (14th single in total), and it is the first time in over 11 years for the group to accomplish this, which also means the first ever time for the current members including the leader Michishige Sayumi.

Moreover, this is the very first time for Morning Musume to have 3 chart topping singles in one year, since the group made their major debut back in January 1998.

With this single, they have renewed their own record of "total number of singles that were ranked in TOP 10" to 54 singles, which is the best record for both male/female and group/solo artists.

Congratulations to Morning Musume!


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