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SEXY ZONE's Sato Shori to have his first lead role in NTV drama, 49!

sato shori
It's been revealed that Sexy Zone's Sato Shori will get his first drama lead in NTV's '49' written by popular scriptwriter Nojima Shinji.

Sato will play 'Kagami Dan', a shut-in who is not very good at both studies and sports. However after a certain occurrence, the soul of his dead father enters his body. His father's quality of doing everything skillfully allows him to become popular and good at sports. The drama will also star Jinguji Yuta (Johnny's Jr.), Yasui Kentaro (Johnny's Jr.), Yamamoto Maika, Nomura Masumi, and Konno Mahiru.

Sato expressed, "It's a drama that has catchy parts and the kind of atmosphere I like. From when I first read the content, I thought it was a really good drama and made a 'guts pose' in my mind."

Producer Ueno Hiroyuki explained that he chose Sato to play the lead because he's a 'rare find', "He shines even brighter when put in the center. Since this drama depends on the lead, if the lead doesn't function, the drama won't succeed. There are not much people who can shoulder this position today. In that sense, I believe he's a 'rare find'."

NTV will air '49' every Saturdays from 12:50 am to 1:20 am starting October 5.

Other Johnny's Jr. included in the drama are Teranishi Takuto, Morita Myuto, Shimekake Ryuya, Takahashi Fuu, Abe Aran, and Haniuda Amu.

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