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6:10 am - 09/07/2013

Nakayama Yuma Aims to Study English after Quitting University

Last Sept 4th, NYC‘s Nakayama Yuma together with Johnny’s Jr. had their first performance for the stage play “ANOTHER” at Nissay Theater, Tokyo. “ANOTHER” is a revival of 1993′s stage play, which starred KinKi Kids with SMAP.

It has been 20 years since the said play have been onstage once again. Johnny Kitagawa is aiming to for the play’s serialization and is intent of doing “ANOTHER” next year.

In addition, Nakayama, who chose to dropped-out of Komazawa Uiversity last March, is intending to study English. “I want to go an English Language School.” Nakayama is looking for an English school and added that he would want to do a play or act in English and aims for a Hollywood debut.


Nakayama Yuma Quits College

NYC‘s Nakayama Yuma, who started college at Komazawa University last April 2012, have reportedly quit college. In an interview by Yomiuri Shibun (読売新聞よみほっと日曜版) last Sept 1st, Nakayama admitted that he quit college and his decision was received with surprise from fans.

Despite Nakayama’s hope to balance work and studies, he became extremely busy right after school started doing “Playzone” and “Piece” last year. Currently, Nakayama is doing “Playzone’13″, starring in “Pin to Kona” with Kis-My-Ft2′s Tamamori Yuta, and he is set to do the stage play, “ANOTHER”, this September.

“Although I went to University last year, I had a change of heart, and decided to leave school during midterms. Its all work now; however, it was not a waste to have studied and took the entrance exam. Despite the troubles, I will continue to climb the stairs to adulthood,” Nakayama mentioned in an interview from Yomiuri.

“Since there was no sighting of him (Nakayama) from school, we assumed that he took a leave of absence of have withdrawn. We know that balancing work and studies would be hard so it was a good thing that his (withdrawal) has been officially announced. Since this has been a tough decision for him, we will continue to support him,” according to Nakayama’s fan in her 30s.

Nikkan Sports and Daily Sports
credits MIKU via Jnewseng

I'm not sure who's busier, him or Nakaken, but stage plays surely eats a lot of time.
rim1789 7th-Sep-2013 01:43 am (UTC)
Pretty sure he is way more busy than NakaKen (I don't really remember what he ha right now other than JMK, his new movie, and of course SC and SZ radio...), since the stage play are pretty much everyday, sometimes twice a day.

I m not surprised he quit university. I m more surprised he quit to learn English..
sarachii 9th-Sep-2013 01:26 am (UTC)
I totally agree. xDD

Nakaken looks like he's really busy lately, but Yuma is indeed busier than him.

Anyways, ganbatte Yuma!! <3
subarunee 7th-Sep-2013 01:54 am (UTC)
This is the answer for my question in this several month...

Playzone,Pintokona,Another,just like the report,he must be really busy...

Ma,Good Luck for Yuma :)))
sky_astropolis 7th-Sep-2013 07:56 am (UTC)
i find his decision of quitting the university to be quite regretful,
but then again if he is really serious in wanting to become one of the best actors in the world, then he really need to put and focus all his efforts to it,
however rather than going to an English school in Japan, it might be better to take an acting-related short-term course in English-speaking countries, such as US or UK. that way he will gain experience working and living in foreign countries as well as the opportunity to build network.
fangirlingspazz 7th-Sep-2013 08:25 am (UTC)
Totally agree.
Unlike high school, isn't college supposed to be more flexible since there's online learning now and you could control how many units/subjects you take in one class? Yuma should have really stayed.
Moreover, if he is really serious about learning English, he should really go overseas where everyone he meets is a native speaker.
hana_ra 7th-Sep-2013 12:17 pm (UTC)
about johnny's and university.I wondering about tegoshi. I heard about him quitting too?is that true?
kodochalover 8th-Sep-2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
oh wow. I wasnt aware that Yuma had quit college. I don't think that was a bad choice. College isn't for everyone and he's got a great career going on so it's not like he has no future without school.

But I agree with what other comments are saying regarding where he studies English. He should really study abroad. I'm not really sure how great English schools in Japan are but if he's serious about learning it fluently and possibly working in Hollywood then he should immerse himself in an English speaking country.

All the best to him though :) I'll support him no matter what.
roofshadow 9th-Sep-2013 09:53 pm (UTC)
I am really wondering why the Daily Sports article says it's been 20 years since "Another" was performed. I saw Kansai Johnny's Jr. in "Another" in 2002 at the Osaka Shochiku-za. Is this another case of Tokyo = all of Japan? ^_^
chizzyrei 9th-Sep-2013 10:05 pm (UTC)
20 years since the very first
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