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Koji Kato's kick to Mayu Watanabe to be examined by the BPO*

* Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization

The incident happened during the segment "Live - Bakuretsu Otousan 27-jikan Special" on last month's FNS 27-jikan terebi, where comedian Koji Kato kicked AKB48's Mayu Watanabe's head. This immediately triggered a social media firestorm, where the majority of the public showed disgust towards Koji's actions saying, "He has crossed the line of a variety show", "Disturbing", etc.. BPO's Youth Committee has included this in their agenda, as they will be discussing the production methods, policies, and intentions with the staff in charge of the program.

Mayu Watanabe wrote on her blog that: "I'm perfectly ok!" after the show.


Even thou I am a fan, I can say that this is a special treatment for "her" since there are lot of things that has been done to other idols/comedian but she get a special treatment.
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