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Mukai Osamu to Star in S -Saigo no Keikan with Ayano Go


Actor Osamu Mukai will star in the live-action television adaptation of the police manga S -Saigo no Keikan- (S: Final Cop) next January. In this story about the NPS ("National Police Safety rescue") special assault police squad,

Mukai will play a police officer for the first time. It is also the first project in which he will have multiple action sequences in each episode. Mukai's character is Ichigo Kamikura, a former boxer who is now a hand-to-hand combat specialist.

Ayano Go
will play Iori Soga, a steely calm sniper with "miraculous" sharpshooting skills.

The live-action series is based on a story by manga/television writer Komori Yoichi (Umizaru, After School Midnighters, Dog Police) and artist Yutaka Tōdō. The manga has been running in Shogakukan's Big Comic magzine since 2009, and Shogakukan will publish the 11th compiled book volume on September 30.

Source: ANN | Mantan Web | TBS

This drama will airs at TBS in 2014 .

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