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Kansai Johnny’s Jr. in legendary stage-play & starring a new movie & CD Debut

On July 7th, Kansai Johnny’s Jr. held the last concert of their first national tour, the live went on NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo. From the south in Fukuoka to the north in Sapporo, they mobilized around 31,100 people in 8 cities, with a total of 13 performances. During this day, 12 members , from 4 different units, appeared leading the stage, dancing and singing. Fujii Ryusei (19) commented, “I want to make this an interesting show”, they entertained a crowd of about 3,600 people. Their show, full of words and humor, made every one laugh. Even president Johnny H. Kitagawa (81) affirmed he laughed until he got teary-eyed.

“To be able to make people laugh while they’re on stage is the best. They sing well, they can play instruments. I’m looking forward to this in a lot of ways”.

Despite being only debut candidates based in Kansai, they are widely popular across the country. A lot of members are regulars in shows on Kansai TV stations, and perform frequently in the popular show “The Shounen Club” (NHK-BS Premium). Kiriyama Akito (23), had a prominent appearance in the 2008 season of “Gokusen” (NTV), and all other members gain more and more recognition every day.

It is obvious that they hold a big chance for the future. On this day, they also announced their casting in the first replay after 20 years of the popular stage-play by SMAP and KinKi Kids, “ANOTHER”. During the original play, SMAP performed in the east and KinKi Kids in the west, and were simultaneously staged connected by satellite. This new edition also includes NYC Nakayama Yuma (19).

It was also revealed that they will serve as main cast of another movie production after the movie they starred earlier this year, the new film will be premiered on 2014 as a new action comedy. Despite all this, their CD debut after KinKi Kids and Kanjani8 is still undecided. When Johnny-san was asked about this, he replied, “It feels like they should be already, isn’t it”.

During the live, their tension was pretty high, performing 28 tracks including their new song, “Naniwa Ichitosho”. Shigeoka Daiki (20) commented, “We would like to continue steadily”. Kiriyama added, “We are here right now, because KinKi Kids-san were there for us. In order to not break their legacy, we would like to pursue a new path, we’ll do our best”, he said with determination.

“ANOTHER” will be performed in Nissay Theatre since September 4th.

Source | Nikkan Sports, Hochi Yomiuri, Sanspo, Sponichi & Daily Sports

Apparently, Johnny gave an OK to their CD debut, for early next year, and a plan to debut 7-8 members of Kansai juniors


waiting for this to finally happen. Shigeoka Daiki is a star. It's also quite obvious that there's bound to be a Tokyo junior debut, that future explosive team of JESSE, Shintaro & their other cohorts
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