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[ORICON] Hey!Say!JUMP becomes the 4th group to top charts with 10 consecutive singles since debut

Released on June 26th, Hey!Say!JUMP's 10th single 'Come On A My House" has sold 218,000 copies on its first week, topping July 8th weekly sales chart. This is their 10th consecutive single in the top spot since their debut single "Ultra Music Power" (November 2007).
Among female and male groups and artists, only 3 have marked a record by achieving the top spot since their debut with 10 consecutive singles, all of them are their seniors and belong to the same agency; Kinki Kids (32 consecutive singles); NewS (15 consecutive singles); and KAT-TUN (21 consecutive singles), they now welcome a 4th group to their list.
This work, "Come On A  My House" has been released 1 year and 4 months after their previous single "Super Delicate" (February 2012). This song is the theme song of a CM for "House Foods Vermont Curry" in which all members have appeared.

translated by: JE NEWS DAILY
source: ORICON

Oh congratulations, Hey!Say!JUMP! expected as always!! ^^
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