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Yu Aoi and Haruma Miura are rumored to be dating

Yu Aoi (28) and Haruma Miura (23) have apparently been seeing each other a lot during the wee hours of the morning.

Haruma Miura apparently has a habit of bringing his dog, Komugi-chan, a jack russel terrier, to the dog's play area outside the Olympic Stadium early in the morning for 2 years now. Yu Aoi has reportedly been going together with him since July of this year.
Aoi and Miura have worked together in the stage play ZIPANG PUNK~Gozaemon Rock III towards the end of last year and in the full CG film Captain Harlock that's currently being shown in cinemas.

Aoi announced her break-up with boyfriend Kosuke Suzuki in March of this year through her homepage, and she apparently texted Suzuki that
"There's someone else I like now" -- which turns out to be Haruma Miura.

Haruma Miura on the other hand has insisted that his type has always been a woman with "long and black hair", which had always been the case with Aoi, but she currently has short hair.

"Aoi didn't let up. Miura just moved to an apartment near the park where he takes Komugi-chan last spring, and Aoi moved to the same building in July of this year."
"Aoi-san is actually allergic to dogs so this came as a surprise. But that doesn't seem to be a problem for her now that she's in relationship mode just as long as she can spend time with him." - Showbiz insider

Miura's agency did not comment, but Aoi's agency admitted that while the two are "close friends, they have never gone out alone just the two of them". Local residents though have been saying that seeing these two together [sic] has become a common occurrence lately.

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