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Eita takes on the lead role in Disney's animation film "Planes"

Eita will be the voice actor playing the lead role Dusty in the upcoming Disney's animation film "Planes" which is due to be shown in Japan from 21 December. This is the first time that Eita will be doing voice acting. Coincidentally, Eita received the offer after returning on a trip with his wife Kimura Kaela and two-year-old son to Disney Sea so he felt that it was somewhat fated that the offer came his way. Even just the day before, he had been watching "Cars 2" on DVD with his son who expressed interest in the movie "Planes" after seeing its trailer.

In the movie, Dusty is a plane which disperses fertilizers and actually fears heights. However, it ends up taking part in a plane race to circle the world once and has to cope with its fear while trying to win the race. Although Eita's son was happy about his father being a voice actor, Eita thinks that he's still too young to understand what this actually meant. As Disney works are widely popular with adults and children, he feels a great sense of responsibility to do well in the movie so as not to disappoint them.

Source: sanspo, doramaworld
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