Felice Domneys (fma245) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Felice Domneys

Takanori Nishikawa's Nendoroid figure wwwww

Takanori Nishikawa official account @TMR15

Hey there, isn't this cute?

It's Nendoroid Nishikawa-chan
T.M.R. × Good Smile!

Err, the only thing in common is the small size

I don't really get it, but I feel like it'll do a Pegasus Ryusei Ken (St. Seiya)

What the heck are you doing by making an already small guy much smaller then he already is!?

It's cute, but it'll look more like him if you make the iris of the eye smaller and make them glance upward

Looks like a character from St. Seiya

If they just make it a bit more monkey-like...

I won't recognize it unless they make a nude, packing tape costume

Oh, it's almost life-size

There should be a bit more smile lines, right?

I feel like it'll say something like, "I am a Gundam!"

Well, at least it slightly resembles him, unlike the seiyuu (voice actor) nendoroids

The hair looks tasty

Why isn't it the HOT LIMIT version?

I recognized that it was Nishikawa at first glance! Wow, such high quality.

Isn't it actually pretty well done? If it just looks a bit older.

Why are the eyes blue?

Well, the size does seem legit

Looks like one of the seitoshis in the newer version of Saint Seiya

Too much beautification

It would have been better if they made the eyes a bit sharper

It looks like something from a childish anime.
I feel a lot of people will be displaying this together with the Nana Mizuki figure.

This guy has a lot of insane worshippers, right?

I'd understand the fans of other Visual-kei ikemens, but what's so good about this old shorty here?

This old guy is really trying to look young

I'm a 26-year-old gramps but I'll buy this when it comes out.

Why is this old guy always wearing half-pants?
Will he die if he hides his knees?

They should also include an electric fan as an added extra LOL

Tags: japanese netizens, toys/collectible

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