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NEWS' 10th Anniversary Special

Today, September 15, marks the 10th anniversary of NEWS. As part of the celebration, they held NEWS 10th Anniversary Event & Live in Tokyo Dome, which gathered 65,000 people. Today, a streaming video of NEWS' performance of Ai Kotoba at Tokyo Dome will be available to watch on Jehp website from 12am to 11.59pm. For all NEWS fans who can't attend their Tokyo Dome event, you can enjoy watching the uploaded video.

Ai Kotoba is their anniversary song, composed by Tegoshi and written by all NEWS members.

NEWS' message:

Hello, we're NEWS! So today...on the 15th of September we have reached the 10th anniversary for when we formed! Ahh~! Really, being able to get to this stage, it's thanks to our, it's all thanks to our girlfriends. Cheers! It's exactly 10 years ago when we started. We even had a debut event. But, being able to broadcast a video like this is a rare thing isn't it? Yeah, it hasn't been done before this. It's the first in Johnnys isn't it? Yes, yes.. (Seems like it!) Today, after this it'll play the Tokyo dome song that we wrote. Wow! I'm so happy. This is because we often hear about fans who wanted to attend Tokyo dome but are not able to come and we want them to listen to it too. We want everyone to be able to see this. Yep! And I think there are also people who went to Tokyo dome but would like to see it again too! It's for today only!! Yes it is! It's a special video!! We, as NEWS, wrote the melody and the lyrics so please listen to it!
Here we go, please listen.

Watch the streaming video HERE

PS: You know the rules, you can't copy/ upload the video elsewhere or else JE might put the streaming down

credits Je site, twitter for message translation & pics
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