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PERFUME - Magic of Love (Album-mix) Radio Rip, 「Sweet Refrain」, Pa! To Tanoshiku Asobou Live! Vol. 5

Magic of Love (Album-mix) from LEVEL3 was be aired on Perfume LOCKS! on September 16 at 11:05 PM JST.

Listen to it here: [x]


A new song, Sweet Refrain has been chosen as the theme song for upcoming TV Asahi drama 都市伝説の女2 (Toshi Densetsu no Onna 2)! The show will air starting October 11th, 2013! Sweet Refrain currently is not featured onLEVEL3, and so a future release will probably occur.


Perfume Announces Another Episode of P.T.A. TV!

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of their major label debut, Perfume will be broadcasting a new episode of P.T.A. TV, titled Pa! To Tanoshiku Asobou Live! Vol. 5 on September 21, between 9:00 PM JST to 10:30 PM JST. Non-members will be able to watch the first half hour of the event.

The theme for this episode will be “Let’s thoroughly socialise with P.T.A.!” and it will be held on the same website that broadcasted Vol. 4 earlier this year. Further information can be found on both fan club websites.

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