mamoswine1 (mamoswine1) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Kashiwagi Yuki to be a regular cast member of upcoming drama Yorozu Uranaitei

Kashiwagi Yuki will join the drama 'Yorozu Uranaitei' (Oct 8) starring Nishikido Ryo. Kashiwagi Yuki was dressed as a miko; she will play the role of Tamaki Ayukawa a priestess of Inari shrine which has a naughty side who owns a divination shop.


it is great to see Yukirin in an acting drama again. Although I am not sure if her role will also have a love interest with Nishikido Ryo I'll just wait for future updates and good translations. This is another AKB48 collab with Johnny's and I like it; I am just hoping soon I can see a drama where Kashiwagi Yuki is the love interest of Inoo Kei lol

Tags: akb48, drama

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