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3:40 pm - 09/19/2013

Akanishi Jin's short PV for 'Ainaru Hou e' unveiled

The short PV for Akanishi Jin's new single "Ainaru Hou e" has been unveiled.

"Ainaru Hou e" is written, composed, and produced by Akanishi himself. It's described as a pleasant and refreshing medium-tempo number for the early Autumn season.

The PV is also produced by Akanishi, and directed by Maruyama Takeshi. It's a heartwarming video with clips of various people from babies to grandparents of many nationalities.

Source: natalie & tokyohive
taciturndream 20th-Sep-2013 03:16 pm (UTC)
You don't really have to apologize...I'm not new here and I hate his hats/sunglasses and would like him to appear without them, and was gonna +1 your comment lol. He likes it, so nothing to do about it, but you don't have to sugarcoat everything he chooses so yeah, you get my point.

And Akanishi will never read what you wrote -and in case he could, he is bound to get criticize, it comes with his job-.
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