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First Set of Artists for VAMPS' “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013”

As previously announced, VAMPS will be holding Japan's largest Halloween party, entitled HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. The party will take place on October 19 and 20 at Kobe World Memorial Hall and October 25-27 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibit Halls 9-11. The first set of artists that will perform at the event have been announced.

What has been announced at this time is that VAMPS and DAIGO will perform at all five days of the event, while Kanon Wakeshima will perform on October 19 and MUCC will perform on October 20 in Kobe. NEGOTO and Becky♪♯ will perform on October 25, Tommy heavenly6 will perform on October 26, and Golden Bomber will perform on October 27 at Makuhari Messe. There will also be a special band made up of artists who are participating in this event. The band, known as HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, will perform on all five days. The rest of the artists who will perform at these events will be announced at a later date.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale through VAMPS' fan club, VAMPADDICT, starting on September 12. From September 13, ticket pre-sale began from HYDE's fan club as well as the performing artists' official websites. Tickets will go on general sale from September 29. As expected, it has also been announced that those attending should dress up in costumes for these Halloween concerts.

Tags: becky, daigo, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), tomoko kawase, vamps

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