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Masahiro Nakai's advice to Becky on candid camera

SMAP's Masahiro Nakai was on the variety show Ningen Kansatsu* variety monitoring (*Human observation) as Becky asked him about marriage without being aware that the cameras were rolling.

Becky approached Nakai, saying that there's this serious problem that she has about marrying the man she loves and wants to discuss with him. Nakai's first reply was, "I don't think I'm the one you're supposed to be discussing this with. You should talk this over with people who are really close to you like Aya Ueto. You have the wrong person. I don't have the confidence that I will be able to answer your question". But the look on his face changed at Becky's next words.

Becky said: "My agency said they can't look after me if I get married. It means that I'm getting fired...". To this, Nakai responded: "You can't think of having both at the same time. You need to be prepared to lose one or the other. You've entered that sort of industry. You cannot have everything. Didn't you join the showbiz world with that kind of resolve?"

Becky then asked: "Nakai-san, why aren't you getting married?". Nakai just dismissed it with, "Because I don't have a partner!". Then he added, "It's not something that you should do when you feel like doing it, it's something that you do when the right time comes, whether I'll be 50 or 60 by that time, then that's that". "Honestly, I don't think Johnny's will have anything to say if I tell them that I want to get married. But I'm a man so I have to keep on working, so I probably don't want to be tied down by marriage, like living together and stuff".

Nakai then concluded it by saying, "I think it's fine, why don't you go marry him? But you should properly tell your agency that you want to get married no matter what. If they tell you that you're fired, then you should accept that decision in good spirits". "If I just tell Johnny's that 'I'll be getting married tomorrow', then I'm sure they'll panic. You are still maintaining a certain amount of distance with this agency that has taken care of you, so you also have to reciprocate in accordance with that distance. It'll be rude on your agency so don't cause them trouble.".

People who watched this gave their thoughts on Twitter:
"Nakai-kun's so kind! I'd fall in love with him if he did that to me!"
"He's seriously so cool."
"The way he thinks is amazing."
"He made me feel how gallant someone is who has a strong resolve."
"Nakai-kun, wow. And I like how he doesn't put that forth all the time. I think he's godly for a human being."

It must really be easy since he can fool the Jani-wotas with something like this

According to script

That was really good.
Women who are asking for advice actually already have their own answer to their problems, they just want other people to agree to them.
Nakai understood that and went straight to the point.
"I want to get married" ⇒ Then get married
"I want to keep working" ⇒ Then why don't you keep working?
It's a refreshing answer, telling her to just follow her heart and do what she really wants.
And his words about paying respect to the co-workers who have taken care of her was really nice.

>> That's easier to understand and a much more concise explanation than the article!
>> I do feel that there's a high chance that this was scripted, but this is definitely something that Nakai would say, and I feel that this is how he lived his life. As a drama or as a lecture, this was a really good corner on the show.

I think this was a normal answer.
Then what other responses would have been possible? Like "Don't get married!" or something?

>> Because there are a lot of foolish shotgun marriages in the showbiz world like Tsuji and Taiyo who just neglected work.

It's probably scripted for the promotion of his film w

People should be praising the guy who wrote his script w

Don't you think this ATARU promotion is too obnoxious?

He's over 40 already, so I think even people from his generation would think similarly. I actually thought that people would be more surprised at how conservative he is.

He isn't Degawa, but I think these veterans can easily tell if there are any hidden cameras around.

But I don't think that the logic of this crazy agency, who only permits 1 person per group to get married even when they're over 40, is correct.

Does Johnny's allow their talents to be in serious candid camera shows?

But isn't this the scumbag who had abortion?
How does he have honor in that? w

>> Aaaand we finally have someone here who brings up the abortion thing.

But the people praising him are mainly Jani-otas or Johnny's paid agents, right?

Don't you guys know why they made Nakai as their target?
Since it's for the promotion of his movie you blockheads.

>> There might really be a script for "acting naturally" even

But Becky was so persistent, it was gross.
Nakai was probably thinking, "This girl's so annoying".

Nakai must've definitely noticed the cameras rolling.
He hasn't been in the showbiz world that long for nothing.

Because Nakai's a calculating fellow

Wasn't there already something wrong with it the moment Becky came to ask for his advice in the dressing room? w

There are no real candid camera moments in these variety shows.
Especially when you're trying to pull this off at someone as huge as him. And he already confirmed the camera locations a number of times while he was eating the cookies.

There's no way they didn't explain this to Nakai beforehand.

A long time ago, there was a segment where KinKi Kids were approached by some thugs, and Tsuyoshi was acting all cool. But that was also entirely according to a script.

Nakai has always been a regular on candid camera. Acting like he was fooled is a piece of cake to him. He's really good at handling stuff like this. w

I don't know if it's scripted or not, but it did seem like he noticed the camera.
I don't think you'll be able to do serious hidden camera pranks on SMAP-sama.

He should also say something to Akanishi who had that shotgun marriage without any consent from the agency.
>> He did tell Akanishi who left the group and came back that,
"The other members aren't women whom you can use conveniently!".

I did see Nakai in his essence during an event and I really believe that he's got a great attitude. He was even so nice and amiable to the newbie part-timer there.

Are these female talents really not allowed to have relations with other men?
I'm not one of those clamoring for virginity, but I think this is fine except for those young idols.

>> Seriously, I also don't get why someone like Becky would be so concerned about relationships with men. There are a lot of other talents who should be more concerned about it other than her w

They always do stuff like this before the movies are shown.
With the new season about to start in October, expect all these annoying promotional gimmicks for dramas to continue.
No matter how much, whenever, wherever, or whatever TV station it may be.

Whatever the case, it just means that Nakai's a good actor if this was scripted.

The one about the cookie was a strategy for them to tell Nakai that he's on candid camera.
Else, he won't listen to other people talking so kindly like that.

So isn't there a problem when Johnny's talents do smoking scenes?...
Well, he's not a youngster in his 20s; he's an old dude in his 40s already, so there's probably no issue there.

>> Even when all 5 members of SMAP went to travel, it was only Nakai who smoked.

It's actually a normal thing, but it seems that kids these days don't even think about giving consideration or repaying good deeds, so it may seem so great to them.

I think what he did was pretty normal...
Is it just that people were surprised because it was Nakai, and it'd look good even if he just said something normal?

Anyway, Becky was so annoying in that one.


It's too normal so I'm really at a loss here.
But then if I said the same thing, people would probably think I'm gross (/_;)

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