Felice Domneys (fma245) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Felice Domneys

Seriously, what's up with all the Ayame Gouriki bashing?

Honestly, all I ever see is meaningless criticism

Because she's in almost all these live action adaptations, and she's been raping all the original versions.
>> Her agency is the one that's giving her these projects.
It's the agency's fault for pushing her even if she doesn't even have any abilities.
That's why we should be bashing the agency.

We're not bashing her. It's just that we're not happy whenever she shows up.

She's disgusting, smelly, an eyesore
>> Smelly? How can we know her smell, you egghead.
There are also a lot of other people who are disgusting and are eyesores, you pig.

Because she's got a terribly ugly face yet she's all over TV and is being treated like a popular actress.
>> It's true that she's popular with women because she used to be a model.
The ones bashing her are you kimo-otas.

Because they're trying to force her into Aya Ueto's position.
There's no way she can go there with that face of hers.

>> But Aya Ueto had plastic surgery.
Didn't you know that?
If her agency is overhyping her, then aim your criticisms towards the agency.

She's not cute.
This is Oscar's special way of overhyping their talents.
I don't like Ueto, Takei, and Kutsuna too.

It's our grudge on her for destroying Biblia

Honestly, I think the script writing was what made Biblia suck

Simple, because she's ugly and gets a lot of exposure

Because she's ugly.
But recently, I've started to think that she can look cute if you make her have long hair with an 8:2 split.

Uhm. True, she may be cute.

So you hate this trend of bashing what's popular, and instead you're fine with bashing the agency which made that?

Because everyone else is doing it

When people tell me I look like Gouriki, it feels like I'm being insulted.

I originally thought that, "Oh, this girl with a weird name is being overhyped these days",
but everyone just went all out with the bashing when she was in Mirai Nikki.
Then Biblia was the finishing blow.

I think the bottomline here is that the otas don't want her to ever set foot into their fantasies.

So she made a portion of the otakus mad, and the trend of criticizing her for the heck of it spread across the general public.

I hope Pamyu Pamyu also tries to think about that.

She may be overhyped and all, but is it really something that deserves all this hate she's getting?

What made it the way it is?

>> Joie♪ Yakult Joie♪ Who's is it♪

This changed all my thoughts about her.
I really thought she was ugly at first, but I could have bared it if it was only shown a few times.
But when you show it all the time like that, I just couldn't forgive it. I howl every time I see it.

But if you just see her around the corner, she's actually cute.

She's a good dancer,
but what the heck is with that song?
That has no value whatsoever as a song.
It's on the same level as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, no value whatsoever.

The black version Gouriki in this commercial is too cute, I can't bear it.

I get really worried when I see those eyes.
They're scary.

Because she's got a pantyhose face

Tags: actor/actress, japanese netizens

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