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Meet the cast of the American ver. of Hana Yori Dango

In July of this year, an American company (Wazego Collective) attempted to kickstart an American remake of the hit Kdrama  Boys Over Flowers. The Kickstarter campaign however, only raised $1,252 USD out of a goal of 100,000. Pretty slim pickings...

At the time, i assumed that this meant an end to the project. Three months later, I found out that not only was i wrong, but that they have had several new developments.

Firstly, the producers of the project is no longer Wazego Collective. Taking over the role is WillKinn Media.
Secondly, this isn't a project done by a few teenage fans of the Kdrama. When we reached out to them, they wanted to clarify that point. They asked us to post this statement as well:

"We have a total of six executive producers including a co-production company for the series and only 2 of us are fans of the series.  The company has done other projects before taking on Boys Before Flowers.  The people that run it are all 10-20 year industry professionals that have worked with companies such as Samsung Electronics,  Dick Clark Productions, Walt Disney Corporation, etc. The company was not formed just to make this series. The team has already been working on three other projects before this one.  "

Just a quick note, the actress playing Makino has NOT been picked yet, that's why she's not included below. So let's get started:


[lets not bash so much. k]Actors Name - Character Name (Japanese Character name)

Joseph Almani - Liam Montgomery (Tsukasa Domyouji)

Trenton Culkin  - Oliver Young (Rui Hanazawa)

Napoleon Tavale -  Chase Carlton (Sojirou Nishikado)

Jason S. Mordeno - Noah McCallster (Akira Mimasaka)

Suteara Vaughn - Chloe James (Owner of Dango Shop)

Tiffany Daniels - Krissy

Jaz Kemp - Nikki

Mikayla S. Campbell - Fiona Jensen (Shigeru Okawahara)

Renae Leniece - Aubrey (Sakurako Sanjo)

Jackie Averia - Piper Davis (Yuuki Matsuoka)

Andrew Klasnic - Riley Jensen (Junpei Oribe)


PLOT: Ellison University is a school that caters to the children from families who are rich, famous, high-society or all of the above. Every year, they hold auditions to accept students who are super talented in different areas and give them a full scholarship to attend the University.

Zoey, a dancer, gets accepted and on her first day, discovers that the school is ruled by a group known as the F4. The members of the F4 come from the most powerful families in the United States and they abuse their power through bullying. Zoey eventually confronts the group after a particularly harsh act and gets on their bad side. The leader of the F4 eventually falls in love with Zoey creating a complicated set of circumstances that creates a classic story that has captured the attention of 23 different countries.

Boys Before Flowers will stay true to the original Japanese Manga Series

  • Filming will start late October

  • 1st ep. set to be streamed late November

  • Most filming will take place in Los Angeles

  • Boys Before Flowers will be based on the manga

  • official website

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