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Kosuke Kitajima who was invited to ARAFES gets bashed by Jani-wotas after posting a tweet

Kosuke Kitajima @kitajimakosuke
(*comes from the English word "now", means that he is currently at ARAFES)

・Die, die, die, die, die, die, die

・Cellphones are prohibited during the event. Do not tweet something like ARAFES NOW. That's absurd. Please turn off your phone. If you're at ARAFES then don't look at your phone. Look at Arashi.

・Fans who have been supporting them forever can't even get in while these celebrities can... This is reality. I just can't...

・I don't get it. Why is his Twitter open even though it's starting? And fans can't even get in. This world really is unfair.
・Get out of the stadium now.
・Consider the feelings of the people who couldn't go
・Ehh, Kosuke Kitajima went to ARAFES? And he Tweeted he was there during the show itself? Haaa? I don't care if he's there, just don't tweet something like "nau". We can't go there. The nerve of him to tweet while they're performing! Sorry for my bad language here.
・I'm one of those who wasn't chosen to go to ARAFES... Then when I saw Kosuke Kitajima tweeting "ARAFES NAU"... I'm crying again.

Kitajima: "Suima-sen"*
(* Kitajima is a swimmer, swimmer is スイマー, or suima- in Japanese. Suimasen can also mean "sorry")

I'm at a loss for words

This feels so good!

>Consider the feelings of the people who couldn't go
I don't give a damn (´・ω・`)

Kitajima: "Then why don't you try considering the feelings of someone like me who isn't interested at all but is made to sit through this whole thing."

Jani-wotas are so disgustinggggggggggggg

* Tweeting during the concert
* Tweeting "die" to a certain individual

Both sides are scumbags w

He's a man, so he won't even enjoy an Arashi concert. But this was a favor asked by a representative so he has no choice but to go.

Then to make it seem like he's enjoying it, they make him tweet and implying to the world that "even male personalities like Arashi".

Then he gets bashed. This is so funny www

ARAFES is Arashi's concert, right? Do you really have to turn off your phones at Johnny's concerts?
>> There's no problem with it if he did it before it started
>> There are a lot of events that disallow cellphones. It's like being considerate in movie houses by putting your phones on silent.

But he's a VIP guest who's different from you common people so you should know your place (´・ω・`)

A lot of these Jani-otas really seem dumb.

The bitterness of these people who couldn't go sure is something

He was probably kicking back, relaxed at the VIP seats

These Jani-otas really have a unique creepiness to them,
It's a different kind of creepiness to these male idol otakus...

Don't these Jani-otas know that their actions will just lead to Arashi having to apologize to Kitajima?

But you guys are normally pretty strict too when it comes to manners, right? LOL

LOLing at all these meatheads here.
Using cell phones is prohibited during concerts.
Got that?

>> For normal people

Just like the panas, these otas are really scary. (http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/07/news-live-tour-2013-100-fans-required.html)

The creepiness of these Jani-otas is way above that of the anime otakus.

I don't really know the details, but isn't he in the VIP or staff seats? He's probably with someone there, but I think there's no way he'd be watching together with the other disgusting Jani-ota grannies.

In reality, these people are mad at him not because of him using his phone, but because he gets to watch while they can't.

>> Their faces look like they jumped out directly from a manga

They're crazy for treating a VIP like him as one of the common public.

I heard that only about 1 in 75 people get chosen for the tickets this time. Jani-wotas are going insane www

This is a fine example where you can see why the kanji character 女 (onna = woman) is included in 嫉妬 (shitto = jealousy). This is really horrible.

Poor Arashi, they're losing face because of these otakus.

Jani-wotas so grossssssss!

Oh, so Arashi's also having a concert at 17:30 today.
Maybe I'll tweet "ARAFES NAU" later.

This is pretty much how the morals of these idol die-hard fans are.

Arashi are gods.(http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/07/jani-otas-worshipping-arashis-poster-in.html and http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/07/if-you-pass-by-this-arashi-poster-in.html)

Kitajima is an intruder who came to pollute the holy land.

I don't really get it. What's so wrong about tweeting that he's in a concert?
>> It seems they're thinking, "If you didn't go there, then a real fan could've taken your place!"
>> Because they weren't able to get in

You can tell that they're not really concerned about his manners, but that they're jealous because they weren't able to go.

Don't call any Johnny's talents to perform at the Olympics. It's obvious that these crazy grannies won't be there for the sports events.

When you say bad things about Arashi in front of all these Arashi fans, then you're going to get retribution for that 100% of the time.
But I think that'll be an extremely pleasant reward for a masochistic old man..

Oh, and so these Jani-wotas are now starting to cry about manners, huh LOL

Personalities who came to the the concert on the 21st:
Mikako Tabe, Juri Ueno, Honami Suzuki, Kayoko Kishimoto, Miyuki Oshima, announcer Itoh, Ogu-san, Kazuo Tokumitsu, Rei Kikukawa, JOC President Takeda, judo athlete Tadahiro Nomura, swimmer Kosuke Kitajima, swimmer Ryosuke Irie, weightlifter Miyake, gymnast Rie Tanaka, Natsumi Hoshi, GANTZ producer Satoh, Kazoku Game producer Inada P, VS Arashi producer Masafumi Futagawa.

>> They're obviously aiming for the Tokyo Olympics w
The Olympic Committee will probably approve if they let them bang some Jani-ota middle schooler.

This is so stupid...
There's no point in lashing out at these invited celebrities just because you weren't chosen to attend.

If you're real fans then you should be happy that other popular people came to watch them.

Tags: arashi, japanese netizens

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