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subARASHIki sekai

6 porn dealers arrested after catalogues mistakenly sent to police

Six pornography dealers in Osaka have been arrested after mailing their catalogues to the head of Osaka Police Department by mistake, according to local media.

Police last week arrested Toshiharu Hidaka, 27, and five other men on suspicion of possessing obscene material with the intent to sell it in Osaka, Jiji Press and other news reports said.

The suspects had been sending catalogues of illegal porn DVDs to random male customers by mail, and three sets were addressed to the police chief’s house accidentally, the reports said.

Police then raided Hidaka’s office in Osaka and seized some 280,000 uncensored discs as well as 7,000 erectile dysfunction pills, they said, adding that police also suspected they illegally possessed the pills.

The six men have admitted the allegations, Jiji added.


Tags: epic fail, gravure/av, lol, police

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