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Attack on Titan Creator Aims to End Manga in 20 Volumes + Housecleaning Levi Figure

Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama revealed that he aims to complete his manga in 20 book volumes. Isayama mentioned this during a discussion with fellow manga creator Hiroki Endo (All-Rounder Meguru, Eden - It's an Endless World!) that East Press published in the November issue of the martial arts magazine Gong Kakutogi on Monday.

Isayama is a well-known fan of martial arts, and Endo's All-Rounder Meguru manga deals with the world of amateur mixed martial arts. Endo discussed the homage he made in the manga to a certain famous match, while Isayama talked about depicting fights in his own manga.

Kodansha published the 11th volume of Attack on Titan in Japan last month, and the series has now sold over 20 million copies. Kodansha Comics is publishing the seventh volume in the United States this month.

Sentinel is making a housecleaning variant of their 1/8 scale Levi figure.

Sentinel announced earlier this summer that they would be making a 1/8 scale figure of Lieutenant Levi from Attack on Titan.

What they didn't reveal at the time was that they're also planning on releasing a housecleaning variant. Instead of his swords and maneuver gear, Clean Levi is wielding two dusters, and he's sporting a bandana and a neckerchief.

Pre-orders for both figures start September 27 from Animate. The normal version is going for 8,400 yen ($84.80), while the "clean" version is set at 9,240 yen ($93.37). Both are expected to ship January 2014.

Source Edit: The clean version simply comes with additional parts, such as the cleaning supplies and bandana, so buyers can customize their Levi figure into the housecleaning version.

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I haven't bought any SnK figures yet, but I'm really hoping a Hanji and Erwin one will be released soon. Also any predictions how this will end? I'm putting my money on Armin being the sole survivor and basement finder. [Spoiler (click to open)]tbh if Isayama kills Hanji I will fly to Japan and kick him in the balls
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