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Asami Mizukawa and Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) in this week's FRIDAY

With Nakajima who was in Hanzawa

She used to be this actress who was used a lot by Johnny's talents, right?

A ham actress who only gets to survive thanks to her agency's authority

I always thought that she and Maki Horikita were like this dual fortresses who were free from the clutches of Johnny's talents
>> But she used to date Arashi

Eh, a 30-year-old and a 20-year-old?

Wasn't she dating Aiba?

Is the Johnny's guy popular?
>> You can say that he's the only popular one in Hey! Say! JUMP. Rather, the one that they're obviously trying to popularize.

Yuto Nakajima 1993
Asami Mizukawa 1983

Nakajima who almost got bribed by that damn boss, huh

Oh, they were siblings in Sharehouse

An older wife?
I'm so jelly.

Can't be helped, that guy's handsome after all

Nakajima-kun seems to be better off as an actor. He's too tall, and he doesn't have the face of an idol.

I think Mizukawa looked better with DoTsuyo

The actress who's got a rough voice and small boobies, but looks hot as long as she stays quiet

I read somewhere that Mizukawa's amazing at breaking the ice, and that's why she's often cast alongside Juri Ueno

Mizukawa's got a rough voice and she's not suited as an actress.
Same as Gouriki.

Wow, he's really an ikemen!
He's tall and has a nice figure.

I think it'll be so much fun to have Mizukawa as your girlfriend

HeySay seems to be making little progress so they're using her for promotion

There's no way that Johnny's will use women for promotions

Nakajima was more of an ikemen and was more popular when he was in junior high.
I feel he's deteriorated from that and just became mediocre.

Arimura's photo was also with a HeySay member, right?

Wasn't she with Aiba previously?
It looks like she's being associated with Johnny's a lot.

I think she and Aiba looked better together. They both have weird voices as well.

So she jumped ship from Aiba to Nakajima.
I don't think the Jani-wotas will be able to keep their calm against this glutton.

I thought she was with Keisuke Koide. So they split up?

She must really love Johnny's

But I guess the Jani-wotas are happy that it isn't Yamada or Chinen

I really can't put the names to the faces of these Johnny's talents that came after KAT-TUN. I don't even know what they look like.

But this was just a dinner meeting together with other staff members, and there were 4 of them.
The article just ended with a "bo-ring!" at the end.

So it was just a dinner meeting with some industry executives.
I got to know Nakajima from Hanzawa, but he's an ikemen.

They were together with 2 old men, and they parted ways by bowing deeply to each other.
Just goes to show how amazing the Hanzawa effect is if something as petty as this became an article.

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