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Jin Akanishi releases song devoted to his love of abusing women

Following on the success of such American music legends as Robin Thicke and Chris Brown, singer Jin Akanishi has done his utmost to impart his treasured values of misogyny and domestic violence into his newest album, due to be released in November. Like his idols Thicke (who thinks good sex should be painful for women) and Brown (who thinks everything should be painful for women), Akanishi tries his best to expound on the success of last year's I like to hit women, That's What She Said.

This time, Akanishi debuts his latest musical achievement, One Last Time, in which he states his penchant for forcing women to have sex with him as punishment for kicking his greasy ass to the curb. The song, which features authentic African-American Vernacular English undoubtedly picked up by Akanishi during an educational trip to Los Angeles, expresses Akanishi's desire to "make [her] pay."

We already knew that Akanishi enjoyed drugging girls at clubs to have sex with them and referring to women as "sluts" and "bitches", but this newest development greatly reinforces his deep-seated hatred for anything with lady parts. We can only hope the other songs on Akanishi's upcoming CD are as enlightening as this one!

(Full lyrics for both songs can be viewed at the above links.)

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