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Shingo Murakami (Kanjani8) cast in the live action adaptation of Hakushon Daimao


The popular anime Hakushon Daimao (English version The Genie Family, produced by Tatsunoko), which was broadcast from 1969~1970, will be adapted into a live action drama by Fuji TV, and Shingo Murakami (31) of Kanjani8 has been cast to play the protagonist, Hakushon Daimao. This genie will come out of the bottle whenever anyone near it sneezes, and must grant the wish of the person who called them forth onto the real world. This drama will be broadcast sometime this autumn.

The live action adaptation was filmed in spring this year and will be a 2-hour program based on the anime version but arranged slightly to conform with the modern times. CG will be used for the scenes where the genie comes out of the bottle.

Other cast members include Konomi Watanabe (7) who will be playing the role of Hakushon Daimao's daughter Akubi-chan, who comes out of the bottle whenever anyone yawns.  Mabuchi Homare (8) will be playing the role of Kan-chan, who finds the bottle in the attic. Yoichi Nukumizu and Miho Shiraishi will be playing Kan-chan's parents.

The story will start with Kan-chan finding the bottle and meeting the genie in the attic, and wishes for the genie to turn his test score from 10 to 100. The theme song of the original anime will be used, which Murakamai will be covering.

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