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Popular actress "M" disses Korean idol "G": "It's so small, he's terrible in bed" !!? (Knuckles)

"'Miss M' who likes to party every night always talks about this whenever she gets drunk. She also keeps talking on and on and on about how a man is selfish in bed, which makes her drinking buddies uncomfortable." - (women's magazine reporter)

Miss M's model friend also has this to say:
"She liked to kiss and tell, and always bragged about 'G' during the start of their relationship. She even found pleasure in the jealousy and the anger directed towards her by G's fans. But when she began to realize that things weren't going her way, she started criticizing him by saying, "His vital part is the worst, he only thinks of his own pleasure. He's also terrible in bed, and the size is too small". Some of the people started questioning her personality, as to how she could say such a thing about someone she loved. There's also a possibility that she's saying these things on purpose since she probably has her regrets".

M and G were spotted in Taiwan late last year though, and rumors of them getting back together started to circulate.

"According to G's agency, G was the one who invited her, and it seems that G is head over heels in love with M. M is apparently still undecided, so there's a probability that they haven't gotten back together totally." - (women's magazine reporter)


2ch are saying it's Kiko Mizuhara and G-DRAGON and are also discussing about peen sizes lol
Tags: actor/actress, hallyu, model, rumors

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