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Eikura Nana, Rin Takanashi, Seto Koji and Kase Ryo starring in Movie set in Hawaii!

Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata

On Thurday it was announced that actress Nana Eikura is starring in Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata, the latest film by director Koji Maeda. Eikura has played heroine roles in several TV dramas and movies in recent years, including April Bride, The Floating Castle, and Library Wars. In this latest film she’ll be playing a cute, upbeat girl on a day-to-day party spree in Hawaii.

Director Maeda made his feature film debut with Cannonball Wedlock in 2011 and won rookie director awards at several film festivals. He’s once again teaming up with screenwriter Ryo Takada for a new work set in Hawaii. In her first time acting in an overseas location, Eikura will play a 26-year-old magazine editor named Minori Oyamada who’s content with her job and love life. When Minori is invited to attend her friend’s wedding in in Hawaii, she pitches a feature story as an excuse to make the trip.

Filming began on September 10. According to Eikura, she’s grown very fond of Hawaii and plans to visit again in her private life. While talking about the area’s uplifting spirit, she commented that she never expected her first time filming abroad would be in such an enjoyable place. Rin Takanashi (Like Someone in Love) plays Akane Yoshimura, a coordinator Minori meets in Hawaii by chance. Akane goes out to parties every night proclaims that her dream is to “marry someone rich”. Koji Seto plays a hard-working business man named Tsutomu Kamada who’s struggling to realize his dream and Ryo Kase plays Tomoya Abe, the free-spirited son of a millionaire with an affinity for nature.

Together, the four of them travel freely around Hawaii, hitting famous local spots like Ala Moana Beach Park, Waikiki Beach, and St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata will be released nation-wide in Japan in early summer 2014.

Source: Nippon Cinema & Cinematoday
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