Felice Domneys (fma245) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Felice Domneys

Yuya Tegoshi dating idol "K"!!? (local TV program in Hokkaido)

There's this local program in Hokkaido called U-gata Terebi, and they featured a gossip which according to them could not be broadcast in Tokyo. The most risqué news there was about Tegoshi-san having an affair with idol "K".

But Tegoshi just likes good-looking girls, right?

Yuya Tegoshi kissing SKE48's Momona Kito

>> What's with this guy?
>> There's just so many things wrong with that 3rd picture w
>> Is he only after the ugly girls?

Imoto once said that Tegoshi's fans are kind to ugly girls, so don't you think things will be fine this time?

Tegoshi's definitely the cuter one here

It's just that her nose stands out, but I think her long torso and short limbs exceeds Shoko's.

I think it's a spectacular feat that Ms. Garlic Nose just caught herself a big one from Johnny's

Yuya Tegoshi again?
Why doesn't he go for Jakarta as well?

She went on an orgy with J-leaguers and she's got a Chanel bag, how can people say she's pure and clean? (LOL)

Tegoshi was also rumored with Haruna Kojima before, right?
Just how many girls is he planning on devouring?
I wonder if the Garlic Nose wotas are crying now.

There used to be rumors that Morohoshi did it with club member #s ____ ~ ____ of the Onyanko girls, but I think Tegoshi is on the same level when it comes to him devouring these AKB girls.

The Panas will go wild again

Tegoshi sure is popular, huh. It looks like his persona on ItteQ is working with the girls.

To think that Yukirin is doing her best, even after having an AV-like video like that.

The Panas will go wild wwwww

And now the bloodbath between the Jani-otas and AKB-otas is about to begin

Oh no, Imoto won't be able to reach the summit of the mountain if she hears about this!

Tegoshi's stocks have come crashing down, in many different meanings LOL

So Kojima, Kashiwagi, and Kito are stick sisters*, huh
(* female version of "hole brothers", or men who have done it with the same woman)

The otas would probably just give in and say, "It can't be helped", if someone like Nishikido, Nagase, or Okada's class devoured her, but boy I feel sorry for the otas since she's just with an iffy Johnny's talent, huh w

Wow, she was able to get a huge one from Johnny's with that level of looks. She's just given hope to ugly girls all over the country.

Tegoshi, oh that guy from ItteQ. But she's honestly not that different from Imoto...

The nerve of Tegoshi to cheat on Imoto while she's struggling to climb that mountain...

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