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Jin Akanishi will be releasing a new studio album titled "#JUSTJIN" on November 6th.

Akanishi's new album will come in 3 different versions: 2 limited editions and a regular edition. The regular edition of the album will only come with a CD of the album. Limited edition A will contain a bonus CD with English-language music recorded by him, while limited edition B will come with a bonus DVD featuring music videos from the album.

All of the tracks on "#JUST JIN" will be written, composed and produced by Akanishi himself, showing off his multifaceted talents as an artist. In addition, all 4 of Akanishi's solo singles will be featured on the album.

The upcoming album is the idol's 2nd studio album. His first, "JAPONICANA", was released on March 7, 2012, serving as the culmination of his attempt to break into the US market.


hoping for Hesitate and Pinky album version also crying @ the title. lbr this album is going to flop, poor jinjin T___T

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