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[Trans] Koki's withdrawal from KAT-TUN: Johnny's net and KAT-TUN Mail Messageboard statements

Johnny's net Announcement

To whom it may concern,

Due to repeated infractions of agency rules, our agency has terminated the exclusive contract with KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki on September 30th. Despite Tanaka's withdrawal from the group, KAT-TUN will continue activities with the other four remaining members; we would like to humbly request that fans continue to lend them support as always.

Johnny & Associates

Exactly what the agency has announced. I have expressed my gratefulness to the other members for continuing to support me despite all the trouble I've caused them as well as my sincere apologies. I plan on continuing activities as a talent in the future, and will be making another announcement once details have been decided.

Tanaka Koki

Comment from the members

To fans as well as everyone this may concern, we are deeply sorry for the fuss that we have caused. We have held countless talks over how we can increase our awareness as a group, but it is with regret to say that a fellow member who have been in the same group for over 10 years has come to this. From hereon, KAT-TUN will be continuing activities as four members, and we would like to humbly request that fans continue to lend us your support as always.


Source: Johnny's net

KAT-TUN Mail Messageboard - Special edition

To everyone who has been supporting KAT-TUN.
Our fellow member, Tanaka Koki, has withdrawn from the group at this time. I am extremely sorry to have to bring you all shock and sorrow. As someone who has worked together with him for a long time, I myself have been shocked, confused, and sad, but I have resigned myself to accept this turn of events and continue activities as four in the future. Once I my feelings have settled down a bit, I hope to be able to talk about this further in front of you all. Please continue your unwavering support of KAT-TUN from hereafter as well.

Nakamaru Yuichi

I am truly sorry to have to make an announcement in this manner to everyone at this time. We have been fellow members in the same group for over ten years, and we all shared these memories together. We spent a lot of time in particular on radio shows and for music together, so I myself have been unable to conceal my own shock and turmoil. However, As a part of KAT-TUN up until now and from hereafter, all of us members believe that we should continue our activities to deserve your love. Please continue your unwavering support for us! We'll do our best in response! Please treat us well.

Taguchi Junnosuke

To all our fans,
I offer my deepest apologies for the turmoil and worry that we are causing you due to Tanaka Koki's withdrawal from the group at this time. It is very regretful that things have turned out like this despite being friends who have worked together for over 10 years. Our conclusion from the last talk between the five of us was to draw the line and be optimistic; continue working as four and think earnestly about what we are able to do. I would be very happy if everyone can continue to offer your warm support to us four as well as Tanaka Koki.

Ueda Tatsuya

To all our fans,
I would like to take this chance to apologize for the way things have turned out and the different emotions we have caused due to this. I am truly sorry. As a fellow member, I am both filled with regret and frustration. We talked together as five at the end. We have decided to draw the line in our own way. Right now, we hope to accept this situation and face forward; we hope to seek out things that we can do while sharing the best with you all. I humbly request that you continue your support for us.

Kamenashi Kazuya

Source: Screencap

Koki's profile has also been removed from Johnny's net. The Messageboard statements were sent out as an email to fans, so I'm unable to produce a solid source for it aside from linking to the screencap. Sorry!
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