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Live-Action Higanjima Drama Series Info, Trailers Revealed

The series stars Shunya Shiraishi (Kamen Rider Wizard) and Ryohei Suzuki (Gatchaman, Hentai Kamen).

First is about the cast, joining the cast are Rio Yamashita (Mahō Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto), Yuya Endo (Nodame Cantabile), Yukito Nishii (Wolf Children), Shōhei Abe, Ayame Misaki (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters), Yūga Yamato, Megumi Satou (L change the WorLd), Rui Kurihara (Daily Lives of High School Boys), Shingo Tsurumi (Kamen Rider Fourze) and Katsunobu.
In addition, Takashi Miike (live-action Ace Attorney, Ninja Kids!) is the chief director of the series and Kenichiro Nishiumi and Takeshi Yokoi are serving as directors. The series is written by Masaru Nakamura (Sukiyaki Western Django), Ai is performing the opening theme song "Top of the World," and Honey LDays is performing the ending theme "Namida no You ni Sui to Ietara."
Next is animation studio Kamikaze Douga (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure opening) is animating the opening video of the upcoming drama.

The original story of the horror manga takes place in the middle of the final battle between the human race and vampires. The protagonist Akira (Shiraishi) only has 47 days until Japan is turned into an island of vampires.

The series is set to premiere this October 24 on the MBS and TBS stations in Japan.

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