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Atsuko Maeda's NHK period drama "Asakiyumemishi" struggling to get good ratings


NHK's period drama Asakiyumemishi ~ Yaoya Oshichi Ibun (NHK/Thursday 8:00) starring Atsuko Maeda got 4.0% for its third episode last October 3. Episode 1 got 5.8%, while the second got 5.0%.

NHK is not very particular when it comes to ratings, but despite the enthusiasm showed by the staff members at first, they are apparently disappointed at the outcome, as comments like, "We didn't imagine that Atsuko Maeda couldn't bring in the ratings...", "This is what we get for using her just because of the label 'former AKB center'", "4.0% would be considered for cancellation if this was on commercial TV", were heard within the station.

Maeda also received some positive comments about her acting such as having good expressions and that she's showing some improvement every episode. However, there are also some reviews saying that she acts like a vegetable and that her lines are hard to pick up. Some people have even gone to the extent of saying that "We should've just cast Yuko Oshima instead".

Tags: drama, maeda atsuko, oshima yuko

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