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Former AV star Lisa Coda is the one who leaked the pictures of Koki Tanaka to Jitsuwa Knuckles?

Johnny's announced the termination of Koki Tanaka's contract on September 30 due to "several violations of agency rules". The same day Tanaka was fired was when pictures of his alleged private part was published by a tabloid. The pictures were filtered, but it was mostly grotesque close-up pictures.

These were apparently leaked by the former AV star Lisa Coda (27) whom Koki Tanaka once dated.

There were already signs of him leaving the agency. "In May, their concert tour schedule was posted on their official homepage but was taken down immediately", according to a TV station staff. At that time, 3 KAT-TUN members including Tanaka rotated duties for their radio program, but Tanaka never went on air again.

And "running a bar without the consent of the agency in this popular restaurant building in Azabu probably was a problem as well".

Tanaka and his older brother started business at the beginning of the year. "The title was made under his older brother's name, but Koki spread word about this to his peers. He was also at the shop and sang, responding to what the fans wanted. He was pretty much running the place himself. But fans quickly knew about it, and it had to be closed down immediately."

According to a showbiz representative: "That was where the Ebizo case happened (November 2011). Johnny's as an agency particularly considered that a big deal and they prohibited their talents from partying at night in the Roppongi and Azabu areas. They weren't able to overlook that he opened his bar in a place like that".

Running the bar definitely worsened Tanaka's position. According to the same representative: "His tattoo and piercings which were originally ignored suddenly became a problem, and he was also punished for the club event he held privately.

Even the problem with women was also brought up. "Johnny's don't fire their talents just because of sideline jobs or trouble with women. Maybe there was also trouble with his personal connections."

The pictures of Koki Tanaka's private part in the issue of Jitsuwa Knuckles which was released on the 30th of September were in full color in the opening pages. A magazine staff reports: "These pictures were sent by Lisa Coda, a former AV actress".

"Coda herself exposed this as well, but the 2 of them have known each other for a long time. She was behind bars until March of last year for two accounts of drug abuse, but after being released, she started working again at a cabaret club in Roppongi. Tanaka came there and they hit it off again. After exchanging email addresses, Tanaka allegedly started bugging her with messages like, 'Let's have sƎx', with pictures of his lower body attached. Coda showed those pictures to her friends and the club customers, as well as spreading it on LINE. This picture has actually made its rounds already."

Tanaka apparently likes sending pictures of his lower body to his female friends, and even wrongly sent a picture to someone else when it was supposedly for this actress "Miss H", whom he was dating at that time.

"Tanaka has declared that he will go on as a talent, and KAT-TUN will remain as a 4-piece group without him. Most KAT-TUN songs have Tanaka's rapping parts, and I don't think that this can be replaced by the other members. Koki had a huge influence on the group music-wise. Koki's departure might totally change the color of the group." - (certain musical director)

KAT-TUN in itself hasn't been having a lot of projects recently. "There are executives within Johnny's who don't know which group to prioritize anymore due to the sheer number of them, and they might want to decrease the number moving forward". KAT-TUN have declared that they will still continue, but their future is totally opaque.

source: majide2ch
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