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Legal High 2 episode 1 gets 21.2%

Legal High Season 2 (Wednesday 10 pm) starring Masato Sakai and Yui Aragaki got 21.2% for its first episode. This is higher than the first episode ratings of recent hits like Hanzawa Naoki (19.4%) and Kaseifu no Mita (19.5%).



To think that the previous season was consistently around the 12% mark

Tuesdays 【21:00】 Legal High....12.2__12.1__11.2__12.3__10.9__11.6__14.2__14.5__12.8__12.0__13.4(F)__12.47
Wednesdays 【21:00】 Legal High 2..21.2

The Hanzawa effect sure is amazingggggggggg!

This is also thanks to Hanzawa.
The first half was dull, but the 2nd half of the episode became interesting, so all in all it was good.

The script and directing were bad

It was boring compared to Season 1, but the Hanzawa effect sure is amazing

I feel a reverse double payback coming.
But it still has a solid fanbase, so I feel it'll settle at around 12-13%.

I'm sure that there are a lot who stopped watching after the first 30 minutes.
I think they did well to retain this much.

The problem now will be how the ratings for episode 2 will look.
If it's lower than the first episode then it will eventually go down.

If you ignore the fact that the tempo was ruined due to the number of commercials, then I'm pretty much satisfied with this

This is pretty much how episode 1 is. The problem now will be episode 2's ratings.

It was boring. Season 1 was good though.

Other than the drama having bad tempo, I think we can give it a passing mark.
But give me back my Eiko Koike.

The barrage of commercials during the break kinda ruined it for me.

But I don't think episode 2's rating will plummet like what happened with Shomuni 2

There's no need for Okada and Koyuki.
It feels like it will repeat what Shomuni did.

Galileo was boring too, but it didn't go down.
Surprisingly, it might stay consistent at 20%.

>> Galileo 1 was boring too.
Legal 1 was good, and the SP was good too.

It was better than episode 1 of Galileo 2 and Shomuni 2013

I'm a newcomer from Hanzawa but I thought it was good.
Gakky's cute.

Shomuni 2013...18.3__13.8__*9.9__11.7__*9.3__11.3__*8.8__*8.7__*8.9__*7.8(F)_________10.85

I just hope it won't end up like this.
The Hanzawa effect and the promotions will only last until episode 3, so they should make sure to hold the viewers captive and not let them get away.

21% means that it probably started off at 25%, then it must have dropped to around 15% towards the end, thanks to the people who stopped watching.
>> The highest rating was recorded on 23:17

I watched Hanzawa in real time, looking forward to Sunday nights at 9 every week. I also looked forward to Legal High 2 this time, but honestly it was dull. I'll just probably record it, or look for a video of it somewhere next time.

I LOL'd at the part where he said, "I'll screw you even if you don't screw me! I'll take it out on you!"...

>> Gakky even tried to imitate Hanzawa, but she was interrupted
>> I already caved in at the beginning with the singing and dancing

This is all thanks to the Hanzawa effect.
The previous series was clearly better.

Seriously? That's so high.
It was actually too different from the first season and I found it boring.

But it never really was a show that was judged by its ratings.
I think Fuji is desperate though to get high ratings here no matter what.

I'm happy that it's high, but I also get the feeling that it will drop big time for the next episode

But there's no way the viewers will think that a show's good if the staff and cast themselves aren't satisfied with it.

Masato Sakai interview:

---Is the filming for the new series going well?

All of us were scratching our heads during rehearsal, as we all thought about what we should do because everything just felt off. (LOL) That wasn't the case with the previous season, as it all felt right and I felt "This is good!" at that time.

Maybe that's just me, but I feel dissatisfied this time.
But I think we need to keep on feeling uncomfortable like this without easily coming up with an answer. It'll be important how the director, the staff, and the cast will tackle that sense of discomfort head on and deal with it.

So it wasn't good?
>> - Felt awkward
- Too many commercials
- Bad habits part 2 seemingly had: too much small gags and references, and the main plot felt it was neglected
- Namase was as good as gone from the cast

Hanzawa was just interesting as a piece, but I don't think there are people who will watch because of Masato Sakai with no questions asked
>> But Japan is a country where the ratings will change drastically depending if KimuTaku and Fukuyama make an appearance

It's definitely the Hanzawa effect.
But based on what I saw yesterday, I think it will go down next week.

I hope they stop putting in these romantic elements.
I'll still watch this until the end.

Fuji TV should take TV Tokyo's example.
Kodoku no Gourmet is the only new series which I can feel safe watching.

20% is amazing for Fuji.
It would have probably gotten 30 if it was on a different channel.

But Legal High without Eiko Koike and Namase is just plain boring...
>> This.
Well, everyone around me says it was good, but it probably isn't for fans from the first season.

I liked Season 1's simpler approach.
I really don't like how they keep increasing the cast members and adding unnecessary techniques to something that has become popular.

*7.9% 19:00-19:56 NTV 1-ban Song SHOW

1.0% 19:56-21:54 NTV The Gyoten News Minna wo sukue! 2HSP

*7.8% 22:00-23:00 NTV Danda Rin~Roudou kijun kantokukan

*6.6% 23:00-23:59 NTV NEWS ZERO

*4.8% 23:59-00:54 NTV Otona no kenka

NTV's doing poorly.

Even Shomuni Season 2 got good ratings at first but...

I was appalled at how bad Masato Sakai's acting was.
So this person can only do Hanzawa-like roles, huh?

I was surprised at how similar the character was.

>> It's more like Komikado played the part of Hanzawa.
Even Kagawa, that was exactly how he was when he did Tonegawa.

Expectations were too high.
I don't think I'll watch this anymore.

Koyuki as this evil beauty just feels wrong... she just looks like a Noh mask granny to me.

You can really tell that there are a lot of new viewers here in Season 2 just by reading this thread
>> The Hanzawa effect
>> Because of the previous season's good reputation and the timing that it came right after Hanzawa

I think the first time viewers found it good.
People who watched the first season probably felt awkward.

Well, it was pretty good.
All those minor references felt a bit forced though.
I think I'll watch it again next week.

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