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KimuTaku's Ando Lloyd episode 1 gets 19.2%; Kamenashi's Tokyo Bandwagon gets 8.8%

October 12 (Sat)
8.8% 21:00-22:24 NTV Tokyo Bandwagon

October 13 (Sun)
19.2% 21:00-22:09 TBS Ando Lloyd ~A.I. knows LOVE?~

So it didn't even reach 20.
KimuTaku's no good anymore, huh.

Well, we did expect high ratings for the first episode after all the promotions they did.
Episode 2 onwards will be when the real battle begins.

It's not the sort of drama that can get 20%

If this was how the first episode did, then there's a possibility that it would go below 15%

So will the KimuTaku era that has lasted for so long finally come to an end?

These numbers are amazing for that kind of story which has a pretty limited core audience.
Will it struggle next week onwards?

>> We have Sanma's program and figure skating on the other channels next week.
I kinda feel that it will drop all the way down to 12%.

>> It was the first episode, so we don't know if the ones who watched were only the core audience, but we'll probably see its true ratings from next week onwards.

The production cost must be 10x more than Hanzawa

KimuTaku's amazing since people are saying that 19 is low

19 is low? Your standards are too high.

As expected.
Most old guys must have avoided watching it.

So do you guys just bash something since it's lower than what you anticipated?

But the national drama Hanzawa Naoki got 19.4% for its first episode as well.
There's no difference at all.
KimuTaku really still has it.

>> But Hanzawa Naoki still wasn't considered a national drama yet during its first episode

Honestly, it was good w
But I found the romance angle in the first half unnecessary.

You guys are saying 19 is low? Cho, mateyo.

Sunday - 9PM 2013
Jan-Mar Tonbi     17.0__16.1__16.0__12.0__12.8__12.6__12.9__12.6__18.3__20.3(F)._________15.06

Apr-Jun Soratobu Kouhoushitsu 14.0__13.5__11.6__11.2__10.6__13.4__12.1__12.1__12.5__11.7__15.3(F)._12.55

Jul-Sep Hanzawa Naoki    19.4__21.8__22.9__27.6__29.0__29.0__30.0__32.9__35.9__42.2(F)_________29.07

Oct-Dec Ando Lloyd..... 19.2

Aibou Movie 2 was shown at the same time on TV Asahi, and that got 13.2%. Ando Lloyd was able to match TBS' Hanzawa Naoki's 19.4% and NTV's Kaseifu no Mita's 19.5% ep. 1 ratings.

In Kansai, Ando Lloyd got 16.9%.

>> >In Kansai, Ando Lloyd got 16.9%.

The drop from Hanzawa's ratings is so drastic in Kansai, huh.

But we are now in the times where social dramas are the ones that become hits.
There's still no changing the fact that KimuTaku will be struggling with this.

It was actually enjoyable

Well, if you think about it, it may be better than all those other dramas which just seem to recycle their themes.
I at least approve of their stance for trying something new.

My family who always watches KimuTaku's dramas said they dropped out after 30 minutes.

So all you guys may be complaining about it, but you still watched the thing.
Just how many of you guys don't have anything else to do?

>> It's not that everyone watched, but any drama, no matter how terrible it may be, will always get high ratings for the first episode.

And this one comes directly after Hanzawa.
There's no way that it'll get low ratings.

I'm sure the usual pattern of "high first episode ratings but has nowhere else to go but down" awaits this.

The ratings are guaranteed to drop for the next episode onwards.
I saw the episode and it was pretty sad.
People come flying, breaking the ceiling, wtf!?
And the drawer on the desk? Are they stupid?
Kou Shibasaki looked cute, though.

I didn't watch the drama and just opted to watch Mr. Sunday, but is this KimuTaku who was sent flying!?
Was KimuTaku always like this?


KimuTaku @ Sunday-9

Beautiful Life . 31.8__28.4__28.6__30.6__31.6__31.0__32.1__29.7__32.5__32.9__41.3(F)...31.86

GOOD LUCK!! 31.6__27.5__28.6__27.6__30.9__28.2__28.9__29.7__33.5__37.6(F).._______30.41

Karei Naru Ichizoku. 27.7__21.8__23.5__23.0__21.2__23.5__21.1__21.6__24.9__30.4(F)...._______23.87

Nankyoku Tairiku....  22.2__19.0__16.9__15.8__13.2__19.1__13.4__15.0__16.7__22.0(F)...________17.33

Ando Lloyd..... 19.2

>> So it's his first time to drop below 20% for the first episode, while Nankyoku Tairiku just kept dropping, huh.
>> I'm amazed that Karei Naru Ichizoku got those ratings w
>> It's the first episode right after Hanzawa and he finally gets below 20%...
Could this really be the end of KimuTaku?

It's a bad sign if I can't get myself excited for the next episode after seeing the preview.
I don't think it'll go up.

People always watch the first episode out of curiosity,
The true ratings will show from the 2nd episode onwards.
I wonder how low it will go.

But Hanzawa gradually went up. This is just the beginning (trembling voice).

Terminator, Doraemon, Galileo, etc.
If you think of it as a parody of these things then it's actually watchable.

It was better than expected, but are the women who like KimuTako alright with SF stuff?
Legal was highly anticipated but it didn't quite live up to expectations.
I think the ones that have gotten me excited now are Kurokouchi and Gochisousan.

Looks like Johnny's dramas have been losing a lot these days

It's just that the dramas featuring Johnny's talents have been abnormal up to now.
I think things are just going back to normal.

Even Kusanagi's drama and Nishikido's drama look like they're destined for single digits

I thought that KimuTaku's name value alone was enough to get over 20%, but this doesn't actually look too good

KimuTaku's drama may have gone below 20%, but I think it did well.
I actually predicted 18%.
My prediction for episode 2 is about 14%

Japanese dramas lack that sense of sweat and stench.
I don't think you can expect too much realism from dramas that feature these Johnny's talents

Kamenashi should just keep doing that monster that doesn't speak too much

Even Johnny's is too oversaturated.
Majority of the viewers won't even care about these shows that feature some unknown guy from a group that they don't even know.

I saw a poster at a station for that Bandwagon drama, but it looked horrible. I don't think families nowadays would even think of hanging out on rooftops and singing along to the guitar.

Just hearing the title made me remember Joe Odagiri's megaflop drama on Fuji, with a lot more members.

Johnny's had momentum in the '90s...
But now they seem to be keeping a low profile.

These Johnny's idols exist as like the antithesis of those rugged and manly actors. But a lot of them have just become too alike, and I can't differentiate them anymore.

They're making these guys who aren't even studying acting play the lead, and guys who can't even cut their hair always make mistakes in their scenes. There's no way these dramas will be good.

KimuTaku started showing more respect to Kusanagi who was able to do well in movies and dramas.
It seemed like he looked down on him before.

Because SMAP is still there who doesn't seem like they're getting older, Arashi also seems like they can't get old as well, as their clocks seem to have stopped at when they were in their early 20s. They still seem to be treated as newbies no matter how many years they've been in the industry.

So will Kamenashi's Yokai Ningen be his defining role?

But doesn't it seem like Kamenashi's constantly been having low ratings each and every time? I'm amazed that he still gets to play the lead.
>> I heard that he's got a real good personality.
At least when it comes to treating the staff.

Arashi obviously has lost popularity too, huh.
I think their popularity was just fabricated in the first place.

Nagase's drama wasn't that good, but I liked the scene where Gouriki wet herself, so I'll be looking forward to a similar scene next time and watch it.
>> I want to watch Gouriki peeing herself.
I'll watch it on the net and will follow it if it's interesting.

There was already a cloud cast on Arashi when KAT-TUN emerged, but Arashi was able to survive due to KAT-TUN self destructing, as Arashi was the only group that got pushed. But their CD sales are still on top, there's no doubt that their wotas are good consumers.

Maybe TBS thought that Ando Lloyd was going to be their go-to drama
>> That must have been the case, but they unexpectedly brought forth the Hanzawa boom

KimuTaku's the lead after all, and this is undoubtedly what TBS was planning to push for the most this year. I wonder if TBS is satisfied with 19%.

It's not just Kamenashi, but the others are failing as well.
There are actually less Johnny's dramas that you can consider a success.

I was looking forward to Bandwagon because of Tabe-chan.
It wasn't that bad, but it was just too plain.

But wasn't Kamenashi popular for being someone who can't get ratings?

Didn't people consider Kamenashi as someone who can bring in the ratings thanks to Nobuta which had a hit main song as well

8% for Kamenashi is pretty high.
His true worth is only about 5%, right?

First episode of Kamenashi's drama at 8.8%, Arashi ni Shiyagare at 7.5%. All on a Saturday night, 9 and 10 pm. Poor NTV. And dramas run for one whole season so it's like a nightmare.

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